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  1. ElDonJuan76

    ElDonJuan76 New Member

    My One S died the other day :mad:. Phone was working fine for about 40 days and then last Saturday night was chillin at home and realized my phone hadn't rang in a while and when I checked it the phone was off. Plugged it in and no response, no led light showing charging, and wouldn't turn on. Tried plugging into computer USB to see if this worked but nothing. Thought maybe the charger had gone bad so next day went to TMobile and they tried plugging it in with several chargers and nothing. TMobile said since I bought the phone over 30 days ago and purchased it outright without 2 year plan that I would have to send the phone in to their Texas repair facility on my own and pay for the shipping, although they did process some work order request and gave me an order number. Been doing some research and Came across several threads where One S owners have complained about the phone completely dieing for no reason, so seems to me that this is more then just a couple of bad apples! Really pissed with this situation since I paid $650 for the phone since I don't want to be married to TMobile, and besides get better month to month plans that after 2 years still end of paying less than with contract! Probably will hold out and use my old MyTouch until the IPhone5 comes out.

  2. jayv927

    jayv927 New Member

    Try Pressing the power button while holding the down volume key. worked for me.
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  3. ElDonJuan76

    ElDonJuan76 New Member

    So after sending my phone into TMobile for repair it turns out that the USB charging port went bad on my phone. The guy at the repair center said this is a common issue they have seen in the past and only way to correct is to send in for repairs. Been without my phone now for 2 weeks and it has been really annoying having to use my old MyTouch which battery is pretty much useless but the damn thing still works at least! Oh well going to keep my fingers crossed and hope my One S survives longer this time!
  4. Poolroom27

    Poolroom27 New Member

    Thanks jayv927 I thought mine was dead, tried your suggestion and the phoenix rose from the ashes, maybe a bit dramatic but the phone works
  5. angelmei

    angelmei New Member

    Thank you!! This really worked! Kind of like CPR for this phone!! I was freaking out; you saved my day!!

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