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  1. JuanSolid

    JuanSolid Active Member

    Hello Everyone!

    I have an HTC One SV on Boost Mobile. Discounting the shotty service I have an Issue I would hope some of the other HTC One SV users here can help me troubleshoot.

    I bought a plastic/Rubber Case on Ebay with a kickstand. It covers the top mic that is used for noise cancellation.
    Ebay link

    So anyway it was not really a surprise to me after I found this out that my Fiance had complained about hearing her own voice echo. I figure removing the case should eliminate the echo...... It did not.

    I used my Land line to duplicate and it was worse with the case on. With it off it was better, but still there especially if I spoke louder, this was one room away. I did another test and moved more than just one room away and found it was not there if I spoke normally, but if I got a little loud I would hear a low echo that sounded crackly.

    I called my Fiance, had it immediately on speaker phone and told her to speak in a more normal volume. She did and claimed it was really bad. I turned down the in call volume on my phone to less than half and I could barely hear here, but she said it was gone. I moved it up to half and she said it was gone. The weird thing is the phone audio sounded about the same even though I increased it. I went up to full volume and she heard it bad again. I reduced by one, it got much lower but sounded bad still. Reeduced two more and it was almost all gone. went back to half and it was gone.

    The problem is at that volume I can't hear here unless I put my ear to the back of the phone...... I can but it is difficult, and if I was say changing clothes, a prime reason who I would have the phone on speaker, it would not work like that. The reason you put it on speaker phone is to be hands free. if you can't hear them from a normal distance away whats the point?

    I had a Samsung Transform Ultra before this and my Fiance still has that phone as well. We used to talk on them in speaker mode at the same time and not have any issues with full volume, and that phone does not ahve a noise cancellation feature. Its speaker is at the top of the phone further away from the mic. You would think if the sound is loud enough to hear from a distance further than the speaker to mic distance it would have an echo no matter what, but the the Samsung Transform Ultra's never had this problem, and a phone with a noise cancelling mic does.

    This appears to happen with HTC phones a lot, and the only thing that makes me think this phone may be prone to it is that the speaker is close to the mic and the noise cancellation one is too far away.

    Please post back and let me know if you can duplicate this issue and it is just how the phone is or if I should be Asking for an Exchange from

    I really appreciate any responses.

    P.S. I did all update options, even if they did not find anything like the HTC update, and rebooted with same issue.

  2. JuanSolid

    JuanSolid Active Member

    Well I am calling boost mobile tomorrow and telling them I need to return the phone. The issue occurs now with two different blue tooth head sets and I have had more than 6 separate phone connections state they can hear the echo. 2 of those were landlines.

    Update: So no exchanges meaning I can't get it for the $250+tax I paid, and they are making me take the bill for return shipping. Also they will take 2 months to give me back my money meaning I have to pay the credit bill and than once a refund is given, wait for a check from my credit company..... If I get this thing again it's going to be at Best Buy where I can do a freaking exchange and they don't charge return shipping, or I can bring to the store! Bad thing is I can't afford to wait that long if I find another deal on the phone so I guess this was not meant to be for me....

    also you have to search the internet for boost mobile return policy. Clicking the return policy at the bottom of their website brings you to a 404 page.

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