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  1. wfeere

    wfeere Well-Known Member

    Hello, has anyone had reception trouble with this phone?
    This all happens in my house
    It's crazy,............the signal strength meter reads 2 bars, I pick it up to call and it reads NO bars and then the screen tells me Emergency call only(911)??
    However if I turn the phone upside down and it all changes, I have 2-3 bars instantly!!!
    I have seen it read NO bars while holding it and when I lay it down, 5 bars!!!
    No, it's not just my phone as this is the second phone and it does it as well.
    My other phones read 3-4 bars all the time, with the same carrier. (LG 500, Galaxy Ace)
    I read that the antenna is located in the chin,.....what designer would put the antenna at the bottom???
    I'm not impressed.

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    It not just in the chin but in the back cover molded onto the plastic. There are leads on the phone and on the cover itself. If they are obstructed you'll have problems. Some retailers like to put stickers in there.

    This is actually not a design flaw. An altitude change of 4" relative to a 100" tower a mile away shouldn't make much of a difference. My phone seems to hold consistent signal, though wifi can be affected by position.

    Hope that helps!
  3. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    Have a One V here my girlfriend got but she has gone back to her old phone (an HTC Desire), long story about why but anyways selling the One V to a friend at work. It hasn't had any reception issues and does the same as my One S, the HTC Desire, and an old LG Optimus One (our spare phone) and an LG Optimus Black that she had and hated. Also she was working for Koodo which sells the One V and there hadn't been any reports of reception issues after the first few weeks of selling tons of them (before she left that job).
    About the antenna being in the bottom, I'm pretty sure that is the way they all are, something to do with the SARS (potential cancer causing radiation?) has to go to your chin and not your brain?
  4. wfeere

    wfeere Well-Known Member

    I contacted HTC and they told me that it is the SIM card from the provider and not the phone.
    I returned it and asked for a new SIM card, so far it seems good!
    I did download an app called "Fresh Network" and it also seems to help!
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  5. Oldsig

    Oldsig Member

    Are you saying that your reception issues went away by replacing the sim card?? I have the same problem with poor reception...
  6. Oldsig

    Oldsig Member

    It turns out that since my phone is for the Sprint network, it does not have the SIM card... I guess that your tip will not help my signal problem.

    Anyone have any other ideas (other than adding "fresh network")?

  7. TNSmokey98

    TNSmokey98 Well-Known Member

    I used to have this same problem. what i did was at the bottom there is a piece of the phone that be detached from the phone. I made sure there was no sticker placed there and that it was on securely. For this phone that is where the antenna is located. And when i did all that and made sure it was clean i never ran into connection problems again.
  8. kukishi

    kukishi New Member

    SOLVED for me ! It was a problem in Bottom Cover where two metal peaces for antenna gives a weak contact with motherboard. I put something under the two plastic legs to make a better contact with metallic surfaces. Phone is brand new,I was in stress already.All work fine now.

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