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  1. pfarro72

    pfarro72 New Member

    I have been experiencing my own voice echoing on calls on my HTC One X. It was more pronounced when I had a case on but even 'naked' I get a similar problem. Is there a fix for this (turn off noise reduction on the mic?) or is it a hardware fault?

  2. Emad Elhaddad

    Emad Elhaddad New Member

    Ihave the same problem... i hope it is not hardware issue... i just made thread at xda with the same problem.. no answer yet
  3. rod9669

    rod9669 Well-Known Member

    I had this and it disappeared after a re-start
  4. kcabird43

    kcabird43 New Member

    Everyone who called my htc one x heard a terrible echo. I did not hear the echo. I turned in my phone for another htc one x. Same problem. I figured it was caused by the noise cancelling microphones. I couldn't find out how to turn them off so I cut a small piece of electrical tape and covered the microphone by the ear phone jack.IMMEDIATELY THE ECHO WAS GONE. Clear calls, no echoes. Since my phone is in a case the tape will it come off. Now phone works perfectly.

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