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  1. Mclovits

    Mclovits New Member

    Hello everyone. My apologies if I somehow managed to post this in the wrong place or used an incorrect prefix, this is my first time on these forums. Here's an issue I'm having: When playing games like Need for Speed Most Wanted I'm experiencing significant lag spikes. This occasionally happens in Beach Buggy Blitz as well, but it is minor and I'm probably only griping about it because I'm used to 60 FPS on my gaming PC. I've read that there were scaling issues with the old One X and rooting it and getting an app fixed the problem. Is anyone else having this issue? Or do you guys know of a way to fix it? I know the hardware isn't under powered as I scored a 7697 in the standard Quadrant benchmark. Any advice is appreciated.

  2. KidKobun

    KidKobun Member

    Not sure if it's directly related to the issue you're seeing, but I was noticing a couple little hiccups when watching an episode of Regular Show in HD.
  3. xBenHx

    xBenHx Member

    I know what you mean, GTA 3 is horrible on the one x+. I'm hoping its a software issue that an update will fix. I believe the latest update improved it slightly, Riptide GP seems to be running fine now.

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