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HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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  1. kanay2000

    kanay2000 Active Member

    I have a choice between getting the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If I had this choice a month ago, I would have chosen the One X hands down, but now, with the release of Jelly Bean I am temped to chose the Nexus. Obviously, the Nexus' hardware is outdated, so I would preffer the One X, but then again, the One X has many flaws such as bad battery life (non-replaceable battery aswell etc). Which phone would you get?

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    I'll throw in my .02
    While I love my Gnex, and having JB on it is fantastic, the One X really has one of the sexiest hardware out there. And, with the newest version of Sense, looks quite nice and not so bogged down. I'm generally able to keep my phone on the charger whenever I need so it's not a huge concern, but for those who need a removable battery, it can be a huge issue.
    The One X will no doubt receive an upgrade to JB, but no one knows when. I'm not overly familiar with its development so there may be a JB ROM out there for it already. Its hardware is fantastic, but the Gnex is no slouch. It's just as smooth as my N7 and Prime which are both running Tegra 3 processors.
    If the One X hit Verizon nearly as soon as the Nexus (and had an unlocked bootloader at launch), I'd buy that over the Nexus in a heartbeat.
  3. kanay2000

    kanay2000 Active Member

    Looking at the HTC One X forums, the international version (I'm in UK) looks relatively easy to root! However, it now depends on weather I want to void my warranty straight away, and how stable a stock jb currently is. I think I may choose the One X now, but the non-removable storage and battery are huge concerns for me :/
  4. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Good luck on your choice. There's always drawbacks to every phone. I'd list what is most important to you and go from there.

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