HTC One X+ - OTA update

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  1. Shallowthing

    Shallowthing Member

    I've just been offered the above update. Has anyone else installed it yet? What does it do?

    I'm always cautious regarding these things, as I got badly burned by an update for my HTC Desire HD at the end of 2010 which wiped all my SMS messages, introduced a whole host of bugs to the OS and fried the SD card, causing HTC to have to send out a bunch of replacements.

  2. fsn1977

    fsn1977 Member

    I have done the update, no issues after update, it is a performance update, wifi performance update included.
  3. Shallowthing

    Shallowthing Member

    I chanced my arm and downloaded the update last night. The phone has not exploded as yet, and I can't say I've noticed any significant changes in performance.

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