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  1. silverghost123

    silverghost123 New Member

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues to the ones I have experienced today...
    I picked up the HTC ONE X from O2 yesterday lunchtime and installed a couple of games last night and set up my email etc.

    Unfortunately I have been experiencing a few issues with the phone and was wondering whether it is just me...

    • Zen pinball THD is very slow and jerky, unplayable as the flippers have too much lag - Same with Pinball Arcade
    • GTA3 plays very well, no problems here
    • Only getting a 2G connection, I was getting a 3G connection on my previous mobile (Iphone)
    • The time reset itself today to 6 hours behind for no obvious reason, I am wondering if this has something to do with the GPS
    • At one point today I couldn't get mobile internet at all and had to reboot the phone, this fixed the problem
    • Crashed earlier when playing a video and had to do a hard reboot
    Please don't take it that I am slagging off the phone, I have just upgraded from an Iphone and assumed as it has a tegra 3 chip (The same as my Asus transformer prime) it would also have the same power when playing games.
    The screen is amazing and generally I am very happy with it and certainly have no intentions to go back to an iphone, but I guess I wasn't expecting the problems.

    Just one last thought, I called O2 about the lack of mobile internet and they said that it should be perfect as I am very close to a mast and there are no problems reported.

    Thanks all

  2. Dudditz

    Dudditz Well-Known Member

    Around 10am I could not get on the internet (mobile not WiFi) even though a connection was showing.

    Quick reset sorted it but was a bit strange as it had been working all morning.

    First time it has happened in the best part of a week (got it last Friday).

    Phone is on T-Mob btw.
  3. spicyrider

    spicyrider Member

    Ive had the no mobile data problem too, phone will show a 3g or an H signal but get no connection, seems to be when it reconects to the network from having no signal (i can go from no signal to full in a matter of meters at work) again a restart fixes this annoying though, other than that great phone makes my old desire feel small and fat
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  4. Dudditz

    Dudditz Well-Known Member

    Spicy, that was the exact issue I had, walked through a hall in work, no signal, went outside, the phone showed an H but the internet would not connect.
  5. crware

    crware Member

    Turning airplane mode on then off seems to work too.
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  6. Dudditz

    Dudditz Well-Known Member

    Will keep that in mind, saves restarting the device.
  7. ahmediby

    ahmediby New Member

    Hi, i haven't had any problems with the data connection lately but i had another issue that was strange, my three buttons on the bottom of the phone stopped vibrating as you pressed on them, they still do their job but just doesn't vibrate don't know if thats a settings thing or not.
  8. eduardovitalin

    eduardovitalin New Member

    I'm also having some problems with my brand new HTC One X. I bought it in Switzerland as a SIM free device, and started using it yesterday, in Brazil, where I live. I am having the same problems with my mobile data. Sometimes it just stops working out of nowhere! And sometimes it also doesn't turn on the mobile data. Has anyone found a fix for this problem? And I've already checked that the phone works in the same radio band as my network. Please help!
  9. CasperTheOne

    CasperTheOne New Member

    Same here, even my HOX show 3G or H no data connection at all. I use "Network Signal Info" app to check. It shows good connection but not able to get IP address. Have to turn on/off the flight mode with reset to get data connection again. It is really annoying here.
  10. Hotcoder

    Hotcoder New Member

    I see similar issues after losing signal, most apparent when on a train. Signal drops, should come back but doesnt. I still have my old iPhone which recovers the signal immediately. Very frustrating when travelling as it is reasonable for the signal to drop now and then, but essential that it does come back without a reboot. As a guess, it might be a battery saving side effect; perhaps the radio doesn't attempt to establish mobile data connection often enough?
  11. ksea2340

    ksea2340 New Member

    I'm experiencing the same exact issues with reconnecting to data on the AT&T US version.. this problem seems so widespread that I'm wondering if it is software vs hardware, especially if it ranges through both the Tegra 3 and Snapdragon models.. but I'm not sure if the people that aren't reporting the problem are experiencing it as well... (are ALL of the devices doing this or just some of them??)
  12. jreyes_27

    jreyes_27 New Member

    i have a Rogers HTC one X (Canada) and I am having the same problem with the internet connection. it doesnt matter where i am, when i try to connect to 4G it shows the bars as it is loading data but i cannot load any page. sometimes it works for about 10 seconds and then stop again. of someone knows how to fix this please post it. i have about two weeks with the phone and i had this problem from day one. i tried soft reset, airplane mode on/off, and i get it to work only for 10 sec.

  13. SimplyBK

    SimplyBK New Member

    Same problem as jreyes_27! Also with rogers, in Canada. It seems to be connecting to the actual network, but no internet is accessible. It connects to 4G most of the time, but when I'm near an LTE hotspot, it connects to LTE. Upload/Download arrows both remain unlit though. Trying to access internet pages result in "Webpage not Found." The connection bars are there, though....

    Have already tried turning off and on, Removing Sim card, using airplane mode... So sad, after two weeks only. :/
  14. greenbackz

    greenbackz New Member

    Same problem here.. sometimes a simple restart fixes it. And sometimes I have to leave my phone off for a while before turning it back on. Either way its annoying and shouldn't happen.Also does this with WiFi too... Really annoying otherwise this phone is the best android
  15. Ironclad

    Ironclad Well-Known Member

    The biggest problem I see you have, OP, is your provider. Why would you go with the worst deal offerings in the entire world, evah?

    ps the 'airplane mode' does work.
  16. cb2000a

    cb2000a Active Member

    I am having problems (HTC One X..with dual core S4 cpu) with losing phone connection and not getting calls, but getting voicemail (when in low signal areas). I cannot call out either....restart cures problem.
  17. Blubell

    Blubell New Member

    Hey does anyone else have a messed up screen...its flickering like crazy and won't turn on from's the htc one x
  18. melousch

    melousch New Member

    I also have the same data connection issues on AT&T. My iPhone never had this problem so I don't think it is the provider and it happens way too often. Read that a factory reset cures the issue, but does it cure it for good? I find the restart works, but the airplane mode trick has not worked for me.

    Has anyone done the factory reset and had the problem completely go away? I love this phone, but this is a very annoying bug that may prompt a return since it seems this is the phone and not the carrier causing the issue.
  19. wxdave

    wxdave New Member

    Having a similar problem, especially coming from my classroom which gets no signal to the outside. Losing 4G (won't reconnect), phone/text connectivity (won't reconnect), and today I lost all 3 without the phone relocating the signals. Any solutions? I don't want to return this thing...I like it. But the airplane mode on and off is ridiculous.
  20. Ritesign

    Ritesign New Member

    My HTC One X from Rogers has the same issue; once it loses signal it doesn't come back until I restart or manage to enable/disable airplane mode. This makes receiving and making calls impossible during that time.
  21. JAmar364

    JAmar364 New Member

    I bought a HTC One X from UAE and I have a mixed review. Leaving the Positive ones , few below are the worst experience I have ever had with my Mobiles.
    a. Phone is heating up like anything. This was noticed during playing games like Temple Run, browsing Internet and Charging .
    Massive heating lead me to drop the phone from hand yesterday......
    b. 3G data signal / loading of webpage is very slow. Wifi is good so far.

    Please advice or suggest......
  22. coney

    coney Well-Known Member

    Same problem for me. T-mobile UK, no problems for the last 2 years on my old Hero.
    I lost signal for a whole day once, only noticed when a text come through about 16 hours after!
    It was fine before the first (1.28) update though.
    The most annoying thing was not getting a signal yesterday when everyone else was in the pub.
    The longer I have this phone the more I think HTC released an unfinished phone to get the jump on Samsung. Sorry HTC but you are losing a longtime customer
  23. Adar

    Adar Well-Known Member

    I just bought 2 One X's for mom and Stepdad, on AT&T. Went to a movie theater and lost signal. Afterwards, could not make or receive calls. Showed full bars and 4g but it would not make or receive any calls until I rebooted them.
  24. tini4444

    tini4444 Member

    When I got my HTC One S about two weeks ago, everything worked perfectly...including the internet. Now out of nowhere my internet is soo slow! Things take longer to load and sometimes it says I don't have a network connection and can't load the page?? This is all weird and its making me upset :( At first I thought it was because I used too much usage data but I reseted my phone and cleared the date and the internet is still slow! Any ideas what this could be anyone??

    Thank you :)
  25. jesperb

    jesperb New Member

    I had luck fixing the issue by doing what alphawave7 suggested on this page: 3G problems


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