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  1. Trisonic77

    Trisonic77 Member

    Apparently I'm the first clumsy oaf to manage to shatter his One X+'s screen. I was foolish enough not to opt for drop coverage (I've had various smartphones for over 3 years, bigger drops onto harder surfaces and barely scratched them).

    Normally, my google-fu is strong, but I can't seem to find any information on whether the One X+'s screen is the same/compatible part as the One X's (other than the apparently new Gorilla Glass 2, which has done me no good). Does anyone have any idea whether I can replace the OX+'s shattered screen with a OX replacement screen? I believe they are the same resolution and design... but you never know.

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  2. BoyPhone

    BoyPhone New Member

    It is not too difficult to replace the HTC One X cracked screen, i just fix it by myself according to take apart vedio, maybe you can try.
  3. Trisonic77

    Trisonic77 Member

    I'm with you there... I've replaced screens and digitizers before. I'm just concerned about part compatibility of the screens, being that this is a different GPU/processor than the One X. From what I can see, the connectors/parts look identical. I'll probably just order one for science and will report back when I get it. One seller on ebay seems to have the same screen listed for both models (One X and HTC Evitaire), so I'm getting the suspision that they've maintained some part compatibility between models.
  4. givan

    givan New Member

    I'm in the same boat with you. Dropped mine today and also didn't get the protection plan. I'm interested in your progress replacing it with the One X screen.
  5. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi givan. I'm sorry about your loss. Best of luck on getting it repaired. If you aren't interested in attempting the replacement yourself, there are always repair shops about town that make a living at doing screen replacements. Their prices are not out of reason. Just a thought. In any event, I wanted to extend a welcome to you and the other new members in this thread. I hope you all manage a successful replacement screen.
  6. officebob25

    officebob25 New Member

    Have you had any luck replacing it. Same boat. Can't find a screen for one x+, assume the one x screen will work but can't find any confirmation
  7. rainchild

    rainchild New Member

    Dropped my one x plus phone and completely shattered the screen. I stopped by radio-shack cos i saw their sign advertising broken phone screen repairs , they use a 3rd party company called werx screen replacement, but they didn't have the one x plus as a supported phone they repaired so i had to suck it up and go to HTC who charged me a cool $200
  8. USMCPelto

    USMCPelto New Member

    As you can see, Same pixel ratio and physical dimensions. I'll give it a try, should report my findings in a week.


  9. officebob25

    officebob25 New Member

    Totally compatible. I just replaced the one x+ screen with an original hox screen. I picked up the sony model. Works perfectly. I will say the internals are different then a one x. When you open the case don't be alarmed if the front facing camera falls out. When you tear the rest down you can find where it is suppost to attach. Also use lots of adhesive around the corners when mounting new screen.
  10. Trisonic77

    Trisonic77 Member

    Sorry for not getting back at this sooner, took a while to buy the replacement screen online and have it shipped to the lonely confines of Canada.

    Unfortunately, it seems to have been in vain. I'm not sure if my replacement screen was defective (totally possible, I ordered an OEM, non branded screen and got an AT&T one), or if it's not compatible, but when I tore down the phone and swapped the screens, to my chagrin all I got were some vertical multicoloured lines... I unfortunately cannot swap back the lcd as a sanity check as I was brutal enough to destroy the old screen while removing it (it was pretty much fubar anyway).

    Can I ask where you got your replacement screen? You seem to have had better luck than I did.

    Edit: So I'm thinking the AT&T version might be a tad different from the non-branded/international version. I'm going to try one from... an electronic trade supply website (really, that's censored?). They have the One X+ listed, but no screen replacement, which lends credit to the theory that the One + screen is compatible. Furthermore, they have separate listings for the HTC and AT&T LCDs (no digitizers) for the One X, which strengthens my suspicion that they are different. I'm thinking I just got screwed from the ebay screen I bought. I promise to actually update sooner than later this time!
  11. Trisonic77

    Trisonic77 Member

    Sorry for double post, but I got my real HTC screen today and did the quick plugin test and, lo and behold, it works! So, the moral of the story is:

    1. Don't trust ebay vendors.
    2. HTC One X screens (OEM HTC ones, not AT&T branded ones) are indeed compatible with the HTC One X+.

    I would link to the working supply website and screen I ordered, but alas, it's censored. If you can't figure it out from my cryptic message above, feel free to PM me (or however it works here) and I'll send you the link.

  12. officebob25

    officebob25 New Member

    Dude I haven't been on this forum since my last post sorry I didn't answer any of your questions. I purchased a replacement off eBay but my hox+ was the telus atnt varriant. Must be different. Got the Sony made LCD. Anyways sounds like it was a pain but I'm glad you got it fixed and working.
  13. sparkz89

    sparkz89 New Member

    So don't buy the screens from EBAY? then where do you get it?
  14. sparkz89

    sparkz89 New Member

    did you pry off the digitizer from the lcd by using a heat gun and did you get a adhesive compound?
  15. natatuta

    natatuta New Member

    Hello, I have also broke my screen on HTC one x+, it was so big shock for me, and I could not find screen replacement for this. as I read in your posts, I can order screen replacements of ONE X and it will fit ONE X + ? Right? and one more question, I found on repairs universe this item for 40 dollars, is it possible? Please, give me some advice.

  16. sparkz89

    sparkz89 New Member

    Well if it is just the screen you can just replace the digitizer if you are comfortable with prying the cracked screen (which is probably just the digitizer) from the LCD, but if you are not good on hands with it, i purpose buying the LCD + Digitizier that comes together.
  17. Trisonic77

    Trisonic77 Member

    Sorry for the radio silence, I don't check back here often.

    I purchased my replacement screen from the following site:
    www.e trade
    (get rid of the spaces, obviously).

    You have to pick the HTC One X NON-carrier branded screen and digitizer assembly if you have the international version of the OX+ (ie: it doesn't say AT&T at the top). Make sure to change the quantity to 1, as they default to 2. I do not recommend buying the digitizer or LCD screen separately, as it's a good chance you will break your working part trying to separate them, so buy the paired assembled LCD and digitizer combo. There are youtube videos on how to remove the screen assembly from the phone if you're feeling overwhelmed. Take it slow, and don't do anything you're not comfortable doing. I'd recommend disconnecting turning off the phone first before taking the internals out and disconnecting the battery as soon as possible. Before putting the thing back together, do a quick power-on test to make sure your screen activates (you don't need to attach the digitizer, just the LCD and then disconnect the battery again to turn it off).

    I'm surprised that this forum censors a valid place to purchase the replacement item, as it's making this somewhat cumbersome. I'd hope it's obvious I'm not an adbot.

    Also, this is what worked for me, but your mileage may vary. Good luck. I'll try and PM you guys the link anyway.

    EDIT: Nope, censors the private messages as well. This is the best I can do.
  18. mdillard1611

    mdillard1611 New Member

    If I have an AT&T HTC One X+, will the OEM screen work on it or will I need an AT&T screen?
  19. Trisonic77

    Trisonic77 Member

    Buy the AT&T screen if you have the AT&T phone. There does seem to be a difference, as the AT&T screen did not work in my OEM branded phone.
  20. natatuta

    natatuta New Member

    Hello, I have the phone HTC One x + HTC One X plus, I bought the full replacement of its screen but it does not fit it, the matter was that the serial number of original LCD was finished with M and the one that I bought with L. What do u know about that and how should I know the serial number of the LCD in advance??

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