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  1. nikolaygz

    nikolaygz New Member

    Hey, guys.

    So my phone was quite a PITA recently.
    around 10 days ago I have encountered a weird problem: when I turned the camera on, it got stuck, and after several seconds the phone would say that it couldn't connect to camera. Reboot has solved it, but few days later the problem has occurred again.

    About a week ago it started acting weirdly during charging - once I put the cable in, the applications start opening by themselves, shortcuts go from one desktop to another. About that same period I have figured, that the tiny indicator stopped working during charging.

    Yesterday night my phone was working extremely slow, I've tried to close all applications except only one I was using, still didn't help. Normal reboot didn't help either, so i have cold rebooted it. Seemed to be alright afterwards.

    This morning I found out that buttons "p", "backspace" and few other buttons on keyboard didn't work. I tried rebooting it once again, which didn't help, so I went for cold reboot. During it the phone got stuck and is not responding to absolutely any buttons now. The back light is on and the screen is just all black.

    I have absolutely no clue what to do, couldn't find any solution to similar or same problem in the internet, so I'm simply waiting the battery to die, so I can try loading it again.

    My phone hes suffered a pretty bad fall about a month and a half-two months ago, but I doubt that it is a cause.

    The worst part is that I am on vacation in Cambodia now, and it appears, that there's no HTC centers here. Would've been nice to have a phone though.

    Thank you for your time and your help!

  2. Paul25

    Paul25 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi is your phone rooted or stock? If rooted what rom
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  3. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I know you say you doubt it's the fall, but I'd hazard a guess and say it probably is, sorry.

    Sometimes hardware issues can take a while to manifest fully so if the fall has dislodged something internally, the taking it out of your pocket, using it normally etc has probably worsened the issue and now the screen is black.

    Have you tried the simulated battery pull? Pressing the power button for 10 seconds, does that make a difference?
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  4. nikolaygz

    nikolaygz New Member

    It's not rooted, no.
  5. nikolaygz

    nikolaygz New Member

    Hey, thanks for reply!

    May be you are right, and it's caused by the fall.

    Anyways, yesterday nothing helped, I've just waited for it to run out of battery, and after that recharged it a bit again - helped, things went back to "normal". However, not long ago the phone has ran out of battery, and after I charged it, it went to the same problem. I believe, there's nothing I can do about it, will just take it to the service center, once I'm back to Guangzhou. Too bad, I loved the phone, it was a very good "upgrade" from Desire HD.

    I guess, I wil post here if something interesting reveals in the end.


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