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Htc one x user needs helpSupport

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  1. jonesy103

    jonesy103 New Member

    OK I love the phone but I'm struggling with some of it's uses.

    It's a works phone, sync'd to my desk top PC with all my contact etc.etc. and to my outlook account and my personal hotmail account.

    All works fine, except sendig mails from either outlook or hotmail. I can receive mails on both accounts and forward mails on both accounts but I cannot start a new mail message on either :confused::confused: .
    Is this a phone problem, a syncing problem or a Vodafone (my carrier) problem


  2. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by you can't start a new email. If you mean you don't know which icon to tap to write a new one go into the native email app and select the account you want to send from then tap the envelope icon.
  3. jonesy103

    jonesy103 New Member

    Sorry I didn't explain myself correctly.

    I can use the software OK it's simply that when the messages are composed and sent they simply bounce back. I have always used the contacts details that are stored in the phone so the addresses are correct.

    In fact it appears that this only happens when roaming and not on my home netowrk here in the UK. I was in Germany last week when I first noticed the problem, I assume this means it's a network problem rather than a phone problem ?
  4. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    If it only happens when roaming then yes its likely to be network data related.
  5. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    Actually when I think about it maybe ask vodaphone about data roaming charges. I'm guessing you have roaming enabled to allow you to make calls but email would work like internet data and may not be included in any plan you have.

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