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HTC people widget, and other questions

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  1. benb

    benb Member

    Hi all

    Got my HTC Hero with Orange (UK) a few weeks ago, and I really like it.

    I have a couple of questions, that I'm hoping you kind people will be able to help me with.

    1) HTC People widget
    I like this, and when I first put it in it worked fine - you could tap on the person's icon (or picture if they have one) to open the contact, or tap on the default action to call them (or text, whatever you had specified). Now however it only opens the contact no matter whether I tap the picture or the icon. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so have they fixed it?

    2) WMV support
    HTC claim that the phone plays wmv videos. I have only been able to get sound - the picture just displays the first frame and doesn't advance. Am I doing something wrong, or does the Hero not really support wmv?

    3) Folders
    On my home screen I have folders containing utils, games, comms, etc for the apps I use most. I can't seem to rearrange the apps in the folders - it lays them out in the order added. Is there a way of doing this?

    4) Bookmarks
    Is there a way of getting bookmarks organised into folders or tags? I suppose I could set up a page of folders on one of my home screens and put bookmarks in there, but that's very manual.

    5) Glyphs
    I've noticed a few of those 2D barcode glyphs around. How do I get that to work?

    6) Albums
    Is there a way of choosing the thumnail/album cover, or does it have to be the first picture in the album?

    Many many thanks in advance.


  2. benb

    benb Member

    No replies yet? Would it be more helpful if I split each question out to its own thread?

  3. Goshawk

    Goshawk Member

    be patient.

    1)This works fine for me.

    2)Hero does not support wmv, try convert it to mp4 with HandBrake

    3)Folders don't work fine, I suggest to not use it.

    4)only two types of view, maybe could be a program in the market to folder bookmarks but I don't know

    5)Get barcode scanner from market, works great

    6)Plug USB and access to the sd card, make a new folder in ROOT, name like you want, copy the photos on it, you have a new album, android takes the first image like cover.
  4. benb

    benb Member

    Hi @Goshawk

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry for being impatient!!

    1) I wonder why my people widget doesn't work properly. I've tried recalibrating my text input.

    2) The spec of hero states that it does support wmv. They lied! I wonder if there is an Android app that will work, or let me convert directly in the handset?

    5) Thanks - I downloaded barcode scanner, it's amazing! I'm just going round my office scanning everything.

    6) So once an album is set up, you can't change the thumbnail/cover of it?

    Many thanks,
  5. Goshawk

    Goshawk Member

    I tried to set album cover with many cheats but no goal, maybe will be fixed in next android version or Hero rom.

    I'll Keep investigating for a trick....
  6. Mr Virtual

    Mr Virtual New Member

    Hi Ben,

    I've just discovered that my Hero has just started doing the same thing in the favorite contacts section - it doesn't take the default action on some of the favorites for some reason as of today (which is what prompted me to look up the problem here). Interestingly my friend just got his Hero a few days ago and was complaining about the same problem while I was not having the problem just yesterday (Weird). I've looked up a few sites, but haven't found anyone with the same problem. If you've managed to find out what is causing it, I'd appreciate the tip. I hope the new Hero ROM update coming soon fixes this.

    On another note, have you (or anyone) noticed that the birthdays are pushed back one day early for contacts that are synced with Outlook??


    -Mr Virtual
  7. roastbeef

    roastbeef New Member

    I find that I can't see people's numbers unless they are taken from facebook...
  8. johnpilk

    johnpilk New Member

    i have just started having this problem too. in the favorites widget i have a small sms icon in front of three of my contacts' pictures. when i tap on the contact, instead of it opening the contact so that i can choose the way i want to contact them, it always just opens the sms window. so i have to go through the 'people' icon instead.
    annoying. any suggestions?
  9. mdhall41

    mdhall41 Member

    each person / contact has a default action... go into people and go to a specific person, hit menu, then choose more, then choose set widget action... the widget will now do THAT action each time you hit that person... so it's like a speed dial, or speed IM, etc... depending what you want. Personally I use the widget as a simple way to call my favorite people with one press.
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