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  1. goodm7sn

    goodm7sn Member


    I have problems with syncing my pop3/imap mail accounts. It does not automatically sync every hour. I have to do it manually. Sometimes, after 4 hours or so, it might (or might not) automatically sync.been struggling with it to be honest.
    it syncs normally for a few hours then somehow it blocks out and only works by manual syncing .
    What I tried:

    - Deleteing the accounts and new setup
    - fresh installation of ARHD 5.1.7 (with EXT4 script)
    of course I haved checked the auto update box. I do not have any problems with manual syncing.

    Do you have any ideas on how to get this over with ?

    Thank you.

    P.S , when i go to settings>accounts&sync>mail account , i have 3 email accounts setup and the sync time is always something like from when i last manually syncd it , unlike with weather and facebook , last sync time changes according to your preferences, but with mail its not.

  2. tobyjuggler

    tobyjuggler Well-Known Member

    Mine is the same since the 2.3 update. I've not been able to sort it out either.
  3. sonesh

    sonesh Well-Known Member

    Mine is the opposite. I use K9 mail, however setup the Mail application for some reason and disabled the syncing, but it does it occassionally anyway. I recommend switching to K9 mail. It is much better for everything, and the syncing works
  4. goodm7sn

    goodm7sn Member

    the thing is , stock htc mail app is better for me, i dont really need K9 (plus i can use the widget with stock :D ) but ITS NOT WORKING !

    i did everything and the problem is persistent ! i just cant get it solved ! please someone look into how to fix it ! its just totally random .
  5. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    If you're using an alternative ROM, it could, potentially be an issue with that ROM as opposed to the HTC Mail app itself. Is it listed as a bug for that ROM, or does anyone else using that ROM have an issue with it?

    Incidentally, have you tried installing the latest version of ARHD? The latest version is 5.1.8 as far as I'm aware -

    [ROM] Android Revolution HD 5.1.8 | High Quality & Performance | O/C | Sense/no-Sense - xda-developers
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  6. goodm7sn

    goodm7sn Member

    thx for the reply mate , yes i do have the latest ARHD and this bug isnt reported with the rom , so guess its not rom related cos the mail app isnt touched at all by the developers.
    im just wondering if people with gingerbread are having the same issues here with the auto sync imap mail usinf the HTC mail app.

  7. dijon

    dijon Well-Known Member

    You may be experiencing a similar issue to the one I'm having with tweetdeck, it seems the wifi goes into a kind of sleep state when the screen times out, whereas if I lock the screen manually it doesn't. I havent noticed the affect on other account sync cos I dont really watch them closely.

    this has only been happening since GB (and happens on CM7 as well).

    Maybe try forcibly locking the screen when you put it down, to see if it has any effect?
  8. goodm7sn

    goodm7sn Member

    i can confirm this issue after gingerbread update.

    my issues been related mainly due to not updating in off peak period ! even though its set up to hourly auto updates during the off peaks. really weird.

    anyway to get through that ? its very important cos we r loosing a basic functionality of our phones :(

    thx for any help , appreciated.
  9. goodm7sn

    goodm7sn Member

    meh , and now hotmail exchange doesnt work well on gingerbread , cant mark read neither can delete message without getting it re-sent , also cant get the htc mail to get mail past 1 day :(
    this is frustrating really.
  10. leecavturbo

    leecavturbo Active Member

    same here emails not auto syncing i.e peak time settings not kicking in
  11. braveguy

    braveguy New Member

    unfortunately, I have the same problem as you reported. I've not installed custom rom. I purchased DHD via Vodafone Turkey. When I got it, it had android v.2.2 which was flawless with both imap and pop3 emails. After updating the phone OTA to gingerbread (2.3) I am experiencing problems with my pop3 account.
    Besides that pop3 account, I have 5 different imap accounts installed which are working perfectly (mail check frequency for all accounts: every 30min for peak hours, every 2 hours for off-peak hours), however phone does not check pop3 account automatically. When I chose the account from account list, I am able to get new emails. I was not able to find a solution. Please help...
  12. goodm7sn

    goodm7sn Member

    yeah i guess its an error from HTC with the gingerbread update , dont know how to solve it after all this time but i think our only hope is that htc notices that and fixes it with an OTA update
  13. sefu

    sefu Member

    new update doesn't fix this issue :(
  14. sefu

    sefu Member

    Is anyone still having issues with the mail app since the Sense 3.0 update.
    I am still get the same issue

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