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  1. hedleylamarr

    hedleylamarr New Member


    I purchased a HTC Sensation less than a year ago and began to have trouble around May/June of this year. Long story short I sent it away in June to which it was returned with the same fault, I then sent it back and it was returned fixed. However after 3 days the phone developed another fault to which I sent it away again. HTC advised that they would replace the device, I received the replacement phone yesterday and to my surprise it was still the same phone (I cross checked the serial number of the phone with the original box).

    The HTC care team have since contacted me and advised that this was only the second repair and that they because the phone is working now they consider the matter closed. Only after the second repair do they replace handsets.

    Has anyone ever dealt with HTC in regards to the 3 repairs rule?

    Any advice would be appreciated!


  2. MrMischief

    MrMischief Member

    If they repaired it and it works, I wouldn't complain that it's the same phone.
  3. mbfabz

    mbfabz Member

    Dear i.say you got of likely. My one x was over heating so this was sent for repair, is was sent back with a screen issue because it wasn't put back together properly. Sent it back for the same fault, so they aggreed to swap the phone which has the common WiFi issue..Won't of had my phone for 2 months.... So annoying

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