HTC Rezound, water damaged but indicators fine

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  1. eugenics

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    I left my phone in my room while we hosted a party and my phone went missing. When I found it the next morning, I turned my phone back on. when it turned on, there seemed to be water marks all over the screen.. It almost looked like a cheetah print on it. It turned on, and it was working fine. Sound system was broken though; it was all static-ish and stuff like that.

    I tried to test out the calling ability. When I got a call, i was unable to pick up. The screen froze. The phone literally stopped working after the call. I tried turning off and back on, but then it got stuck at white HTC logo screen and refused to go any further; it turned black and turned back white with HTC logo screen continuously until the battery died out.

    The phone itself won't charge either. I called asurion because the phone was from them and it comes with a 12 month warranty, because it was an insurance covered phone from my previous lost phone. The water damage indicators are PERFECTLY fine, with clear vivid red X's across the entire white sticker.

    When they called me and asked if has been water damaged, I told them I'm not so sure, because the indicators are telling me otherwise.
    They're supposed to send a phone to me and when I return my broken phone to them, they told me that if they find out that my phone has been water damaged, i will be charged with a $300 if I do not send the phone back to them.

    Is there anyway they can find out for it has been water damaged besides the white indicator marks? Will they turn the phone on for the water damage marks?

    Thank you.

  2. eugenics

    eugenics New Member

  3. nickdalzell

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    the first sign you noticed of water entry should have been the cue to immediately power it down, remove the battery and let it dry a few days. (yes DAYS). if you tried using it when this happened it's probably fried. sometimes it fries the lithium battery (which is why it won't charge, and probably why it sticks at the HTC logo as it is too dead to go further). best case scenario, try a new battery. worse case scenario, phone is bricked
  4. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    If the moisture indicators are showing there's been no exposure (and those things are oversensitive, if you ask me) I can't see how Asurion could claim otherwise. Just to be safe, I'd take a picture of the sensors prior to sending it back laying on a copy of a daily newspaper to establish the date (after you called with a claim, but immediately prior to them receiving it).

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