HTC Rhyme (Bliss) ICS 4.0.3 Sense 3.6 Full Root [non-Verizon]

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  1. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

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  2. audiosyncrasy

    audiosyncrasy New Member

    If you're on Verizon, don't do it. It took 4 hours of hair pulling and an eventual version spoof to get it back to stock. This update will only cause a bootloop.
  3. Larimer412

    Larimer412 New Member

    How did you get back to stock i made an nandroid before i flashed and did a restore but still stuck on the white htc screen
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  4. dossa002

    dossa002 Member

    Try holding down Vol Dwn + Power until the phone resets. Keep holding Vol Dwn but let go of power and you should be back to bootloader and get back into recovery.
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  5. YMCMB69

    YMCMB69 Member

    my bootloader says ***TAMPERED*** and ***UNLOCKED*** at the top and recovery will not work please help i just want the phone back to factory settings i dont care if its ICS or not i just want it working its been bricked for a month now
  6. YMCMB69

    YMCMB69 Member

    someone please reply... i need my phone out of the bootloader so i can use it
  7. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

    In order to get back to STOCK everything, you need to apply the RUU. But you can only RUU if you re-LOCK your phone.
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  8. YMCMB69

    YMCMB69 Member

    how to i do the RUU i cant find any that work ive tryed relocking the bootloader and it says
    and the RUU always says failed unknown error
  9. arians

    arians New Member

    Heyy ize...!! i think i have some questions to answer. i already update my device to ics (4.0.3) official and i was unlocked it too. Then i was trying to root my phone with HTCsupertool but always corrupt? not corrupt but failed, why was that? do you think we need to root our device? whats the difference between root and unroot? How do we know that our device was rooted? and the last but not least, can you give me a step how the way to root my rhyme? :) i'm looking forward your feedback. thanks
  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    sounds like you have a european GSM version of the rhyme.

    the supertool fails,as its exploits were patched with ICS.

    you will need to unlock the bootloader thru htcdev,then install a GSM-compatible recovery(wich we will have to search for-so far only seen it for vzw phones)

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