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  1. RuLEoF2

    RuLEoF2 Active Member

    I've been trying everything I could find to root my wife's HTC Rhyme and nothing works. I tried flashing a custom RUU and now, I can't boot the phone at all. It just hangs at the white HTC screen. I can get to the bootloader but that's it.

    The only thing that I've been able to do successfully is unlock/relock the bootloader. I really want to root this phone so that my wife can have the full benefit of being able to completely backup everything. However, at this point, I just want to get the damn phone to work again.

    PLEASE... anyone with a fix for this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. RuLEoF2

    RuLEoF2 Active Member

    I'm still working on this. I'm finding a few hits on Google for this kind of issue but nothing seems to be working.

    Please... anyone with any input at all would be helpful.

  3. RuLEoF2

    RuLEoF2 Active Member

    I got it to boot-up normally!!!

    I used the method explained here to extract the boot.img file and flashed it in fastboot.

    I still have no recovery though. I really want to root this phone or at least get a recovery on it that I can create nandroid back-ups with.
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  4. rouhilana

    rouhilana New Member

    find the latest ics first
    build gold card by founding universal gold card
    push gold card in your phone and goto boot loader with volume down and power
    after boot-loader screen is shown go to fast boot by press power .
    setup you're ruu file.

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