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  1. cha raymond

    cha raymond New Member

    i need help urgently
    my HTC Salsa does not recognize my home wireless wifi network.
    it works find at other places but not in my house i tried changing the pc settings but still nothing happened. can somebody please help me.

  2. wizzyani

    wizzyani New Member

    Im having the same prob. Hav u figure it out?
  3. ec2jwb

    ec2jwb Member

    I have a similar problem in not being able to connect to wifi on new Salsa. Can however navigate to router's homepage on the phone. But the phone browser and all apps say not connection to internet. Network is orange. Any ideas?
  4. ec2jwb

    ec2jwb Member

    Just for reference I narrowed down the issue to our router. Seems androids have an issue with older routers with WMM enabled. Unfortunately I wasn't able to disable this so had to get a new router but the problem has been resolved nonetheless.
  5. kazzye

    kazzye Member

    How do I turn off wmm on my router and what effect does this have on my other WiFi connections, e.g. for my pc?
  6. dilipraj

    dilipraj Member

    i need sugetion to break networklock can any one help pls tell me how much it will cost
  7. davidbaron

    davidbaron New Member

    have you tried using wps? hold the button on your router till it flashes (if it has wps) then scan for it using wps on your phone this is the best way to connect at home

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