(HTC Sen XE) New Anker battery seems to have screwed up the phone's network connectivity forever??!!

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  1. desibuoy

    desibuoy Active Member

    I experimented by putting the Anker 1900mAh battery (which came along with my Anker Universal Charger) into my HTC Sensation XE. There was poor/no network coverage so I removed it in 2 mins and put back the old battery. And now, there is no/poor network coverage on my old battery as well! I tried the following steps:

    1) Removed and put back battery/SIM card but still no network
    2) Put my SIM card in my Sony Ericsson and it gives full network
    3) Put another SIM card in HTC phone and it gives no network

    I guess my phone is screwed??? It's 5 months old, Taiwanese and shipped from Amazon US, and I live in Asia! What should I do??? Please help!

  2. desibuoy

    desibuoy Active Member


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