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    Mar 12, 2011
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    1. Audio!! My first complaint. The speaker setting on this phone sucks. But i know it could get better since when i played an internet radio app, the sound was extremly loud

    2. Htc locations- part of the reasons why i even bought this phone was for the htc internet free gps n map services

    3. Video recording - wind prevention.....seems simple but everytime i record a video.outside....all i hear.on my videos r the winds blowing

    4- wheres the continous focus? Seems like it focuses on things.then backs out when i find the perfect clearity...

    Btw can anyone tell me how i could set a sleep time for this phone? I usually.listen to the radio for ten mins before sleeping

    Still playing with the phone so please feel free to post additions features missing or you wouldve liked to c on this phone


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