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  1. Najarro97

    Najarro97 New Member

    My friend has a HTC Sensation 4g, now usually I can handle issues myself, because I'm pretty good with these kind of things, but this is an issue I couldn't figure out. Her sensation takes screenshots every single time she clicks the home button, It's supposed to take screenshots when the power button and home button is clicked at the same time, it does this sometimes, but not all the time, when we reset the phone it works for a short time but pops up again help please!

  2. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    I have no issues taking screenshots however the power button is always pressed "before" I press the home key.
  3. prichter1963

    prichter1963 New Member

    Have the same problem... did you by any chance manage to find the cause and the solution?
  4. Joseph1

    Joseph1 Member

    Mine did that once... Turned itoff then on and it stopped
  5. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    I have this problem sometimes as well.
  6. fl21289

    fl21289 New Member

    Same thing... this is starting to piss me off... any solution for this?
  7. cvu524

    cvu524 Active Member

    To take a screenshot, press and hold the per button first and then press the Home button second. I do it all the time wrks with no problems
  8. djevo69

    djevo69 New Member

    Hi, i seem to be suffering the same problem. I have noticed this has only recently started to happen after i did the last software update on my HTC Sensation. I have the pattern lock on my phone and every time i switch the phone back on to unlock and go into any of the apps or messages and come out of them using the home button my camera take a guessing its a bug in the software update. It is suppose to only work when the power and home button are pressed at the same time (like the iphone) but i think HTC have got this one wrong slightly. It is also starting to wind me up as everytime i use my phone and press home it takes a picture.

    Hopefully HTC/Android will be reading into these issues and in the next software update they will have rectified the problem....touch wood!!! as it is really put a downer on my fantastic experience with this phone so far!! Use to have an Iphone but im HTC and Android all the way now!!!

  9. xzatx

    xzatx New Member

    the phone takes a screenshot when home and power are pressed together...

    so if your phone is doing it automatically everytime you hit HOME button it takes a screenshot.. just make sure that the power button is not depressed. play with the button a bit and it should work.

    the button can get stuck sometimes with the phone cover.. given the fact that the whole cover comes off and the button is burried under it.

    that worked for me.

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  10. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Again, the power button must be pressed "first", and then press the home key "after".
  11. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    I don't think some people are understanding the issue here. It's not that they can't get screenshots to work, it's that they're working when they're not supposed to! Say I'm browsing my photo gallery. When I'm done I hit the "home" button to go back home. I'm not pressing power at all, but instead of taking me home it takes a screenshot. I try it again, get another screenshot. I have to get out of the app by pressing "back" instead of home.
  12. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Fair enough however "with so many people having the issue who are trying to press both buttons at the same time", who knows if they are actually causing the issue/condition using that method? Also, as stated, it could be an issue of a bad/stuck power button...or in other words, a "hardware issue". The Sensation's power button is on the flimsy side.
  13. 03machme

    03machme Well-Known Member

    i have had the same issue before just mess with the power button a little and it will stop.
  14. BazmanFoo

    BazmanFoo Member

    I am having this issue too. The issue is NOT caused by the power button being depressed, otherwise the phone would keep shutting itself down (which it doesn't) or putting the screen to sleep by itself (which it doesn't).

    This is definitely a software issue that needs to be resolved, a quick Google of the issue shows how many people appear to be affected by the problem. It is incredibly frustrating.
  15. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    If you are referring to djevo69's reply to you, I think he/she was saying "at the same time" just as a shorthand way of saying the steps to capture a screenshot. They said this to make a distinction between the CORRECT steps to capture a screen shot, and this faulty ISSUE that people are experiencing taking screenshots when they don't want to simply by pressing the home key, and not home + power.

    But the second thing you said, about perhaps even though the user is not physically pushing on the power key it could be "stuck" enough to register that it's pressed so that a screen shot is taken may be the cause of the issue.
  16. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    I never assume to know what someone implies, nature of my profession, which is why I'll always post in specific terms. Sometimes its the little things that cause the largest problems. That said, I made the distinction because it could be an issue where "by pressing both keys simultaneously" vs. "one key before the other", makes the phone go into a certain mode, whereby it only requires pressing the home key to take a screen shot.

    FWIW, I have over 2 dozen screen shots and have yet to experience the posted issue, where an "unwanted" screen shot is taken...just to reiterate, pressing the power button "before" the home key, has proven consistently successful. Just placing blame on the firmware update may be over simplifying the issue. People with the problem may want to try a system restore, and the try taking a shot (using the proper method) before installing any apps, to see if the problem can be recreated.
  17. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I've never encountered the problem before or after hitting the power button. I'll be in my gallery, or web browser, or email, etc and I'll hit home to go out of that app, and instead of taking me home it takes a screenshot.

    It doesn't matter how many screen shots you've taken using the correct method. I've taken several as well. But every once in awhile I'll still get that issue where I'll be in a certain app and can't exit it using the home button w/o taking a screenshot.
  18. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Roger that...but my point is that it could not be "just a firmware issue", given that we all have the upgrade, and not all upgraded users are experiencing the issue.
  19. BazmanFoo

    BazmanFoo Member

    is it possible to disable screen capture?
    its not a feature I want or need and this is so frustrating that Im considering going back to my Desire.
  20. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    Gotcha, that's true.
  21. decibelcooper

    decibelcooper New Member

    Hey guys, first of all let me say that I have the HTC Sensation, and I have this problem. With the addition that often times, when I lock my phone, the display comes immediately back on, but locked of course. What's bad about this is that sometimes, the display NEVER turns off in this case. The only way I know that this is happening is that my phone slowly gets warmer in my pocket. I have performed a factory reset on the phone with no results. I have also tried all settings combinations that I can think of, including stripping my home screen down to bare (and trying Launcher Pro) when I thought responsiveness could be a factor.

    To all the people who are clearly incapable of understanding this simple problem, and claim that it is behavior as intended by the developers; please do not ever post on another support forum in your lifetime... I feel empathetic frustration for the previous posters of this problem.

    That being said, I will put in my two pennies.

    I believe that this problem is a combination of hardware and software problems. It will likely be something we just have to live with as long as we have this phone. That is unless the android developers/HTC developers can make it so that the software can handle the faulty power button behavior.

    However, I have found a possible temporary solution after staring at the button underneath the cover for a little bit. I've found (at least I trick myself into thinking) that consistently pressing the power button down and to the face of the phone when locking/unlocking helps a lot. Such as what a person might naturally do when holding the phone in their left hand. I have always held my phone in my right hand in the past, and pressed the button differently. This may be completely bogus, but I've gone all day without a screenshot or flickering lock screen... which hasn't happened for a while.
  22. diordnauser

    diordnauser New Member

    My phone has this screenshot/home button issue too. All of a sudden the menu button morphs into a screenshot only button. Like a skipping record. Happens about once every couple of weeks.
  23. mort99

    mort99 New Member

    Yep I have the same issue for the past month, almost once a day the home button acts as a screenshot button. I don;t have a cover and the power button is not stuck or being pressed.

  24. deegreek82

    deegreek82 New Member

    hi my girlfriend has the same problem mainly when bat is low!(screen shot insted of home button) i don't understand the screen shot thing any way as as soon as you press the power button the phone goes to sleep, i have a phone shop with a sensation on display and my girlfriend has one i can not take a screen shot on either, but hers does it randomly please help as i am getting grief for selling her a phone that has a mind of its own!
  25. dragonnson

    dragonnson New Member

    this is odd..because with my htc sensation i Can't take screenshots at all!! whats my problem?? I am pressing the power button and then the home button but it doesnt do anything together, my home button will take me to the homescreen even with the power button down. I just can't take a screenshot. I NEED HELP :confused:

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