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HTC-Sensation 4G : Screenshot IssueSupport

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  1. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    The screenshot feature only works with Android version 2.3.4. What version is your Sensation?

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  2. dragonnson

    dragonnson New Member

    ohh that makes sense! my version is 2.3.3! Thats odd should I be able to update it? The update is out is it not?
    thank you so much for pointing that out to me though!

    [edit] ah i checked for the update but I am with Koodo up in Canada and it seems the update is not available yet :(
  3. berry191

    berry191 New Member

    I am having this problem when I attempt to hit the home button as well. It's getting incredibly annoying because my gallery just fills with all screen shots..... I have had my sensation for almost 3 months, and this was happening occasionally at first, but has been progressively getting worse. The past few days it has happened 75% of the time I press home. Has anyone found any even small solutions to make it happen less often??!
  4. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    I've been using Go Launcher Ex and the screenshot issue hasn't happened at all since I've been on it.
  5. kreshale

    kreshale New Member

    i want to know how to take the screen shot because when i press power my screen locks.. i want to do screen shots but it works when i dont want it to & i really want to know how to actually use it cause i cant get apps because it says my phone isn't rooted:confused:
  6. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Posts #s 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 25, and more importantly #26 address your concerns.
  7. DiamandisT

    DiamandisT New Member

    Hi Folks,

    I was reading the posts relating to the screen shot issue on the HTC Sensation which I also have seemed to developed the same problem now for at least a month now, and I have figured out that the moment I take the phone out of my BODY GLOVE Cover and try to re-create the error (screen shot) when pressing the home button, the problem does not re-occur again.
    Which means that the cover might be applying just enough pressure on the power button which in turn causes the screen shot issue to occur, I think the cover problem might also be causing my phone to switch itself back on when I switch it off (i.e.) the screen into locked state and off, then the phone instantly comes on again but in a locked state. So, to conclude I think the my cover is actually causing the both problems.
  8. f1x04

    f1x04 New Member

    Manage Applications>>
    Touch Input>>
    Clear Data>>

  9. ukrazy

    ukrazy New Member

    Hey everyone,

    I've been having this issue for the past few weeks now and I have determined it to be the sticky power/unlock button for these reasons:

    • As mentioned earlier above, the phone screen will stay on the lock screen indefinitely. Instead, the screen should timeout and go off after the specified amount of time. For some reason this really taxes the CPU and the phone will get noticeably hot in this state. The power button being constantly held down would cause this to happen.
    • When pressing the power button to lock the phone the screen will always turn off (like its supposed to) and sometimes come back on at the unlock screen. This is how I can notice if the button is stuck and helps prevent taking a ton of extra screen caps.
    I have been using a gel case for awhile now and I first thought the case was holding down the power button. Unfortunately, I still have the screenshot problem with the case removed, though it doesn't happen as often.

    What I have been doing lately is just trying to figure out when the button is stuck before taking those annoying screenshots. When I do notice that the phone brings up the unlock screen when its not supposed to, I click the power button again to un-stick it.

    I haven't tried the earlier suggestion of pushing the button at a certain angle to prevent it from sticking but I will in the future.

    Hopefully, this will be fixed via a future software update from htc.
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  10. lazers378

    lazers378 Member

    I have a HTC Sensation with stock ROM and today i pressed the home button and it started to take snapshots which was very surprising for me. After reading this thread i tried the home and power button combo and found that screen shots are possible. So i m guessing that at that time my power button malfunctioned and by just pressing home button i was able to take snapshots.

    Whenever this happens, a service called scribble (com.htc.mysketcher) starts running. Lets hope the power button issue does not appear again.
  11. shim

    shim Member

    I'm curious as to what the power button alone does when its pressed by itself, i just learned how to take screenshots and i have no problem at all...
  12. davoHTCdroid

    davoHTCdroid New Member

    I had the same problem, defo the gel case slightly depressing the power button resulting in the screenshot feature of 2.3.4 being activated.

    FIXED by using a surgical scalpel to neatly remove the section of the gel case covering the power button.

    Hope it helps.

    Attached Files:

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  13. neilo01

    neilo01 New Member

    I have had similar problems with my Sensation which just started about 4 weeks ago. It kept jumping in and out of sleep mode when I depressed the sleep button and intermittently taking screen shots when i pressed the home button. I sent my phone back to HTC UK who checked it and stated they had found no fault! However when I got the phone back the same issue existed. I received a pro forma receipt for the 'repair' with no detail as to what steps had been taken to fix the issue.

    Reading the posts I think there is definitely an issue with the power button which seems to be exaggerated when I am using a gel case. It seems HTC either are unaware of this issue or are not acknowledging it as there was no mention of this during contact with HTC by email and phone conversations. Also no mention on their trouble shooting section on the website!

    This is such a shame as before this issue surfaced I was very happy with the phone!!! It seems that this is an issue which we may have to live with! My phone seems to suffer much less when I use it without the gel case and I think cutting out the section round the sleep button on the case should prevent the problem. Thanks for the suggestions!
  14. beefyseabrooks

    beefyseabrooks New Member

    i read that with the ice cream sandwich update, screenshots will be taken using the volume down button rather than the home button. that should help
  15. lucyfm

    lucyfm New Member

    I've been having the same issue, with the screen shots and display not turning off. Just called Orange tech support and they ran a 'diagnostic test' and determined that there is a software fault with the phone, so they are sending out a replacement. They tried to get a
  16. topaz1

    topaz1 New Member

  17. johnp123

    johnp123 New Member

    I had the same problem, after reading this forum I took the back off of the phone and cleaned the area of the power button with compressed air. NO MORE SCREENSHOTS by pressing the home key alone. Problem fixed
  18. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    HTC Sensation home button taking screen shots. This happens to me whenever an Internet programme like HTC Sense Dashboard, locates my phone using GPS, every time!

    Only way to stop this is too reboot:mad:
  19. jjpunk1

    jjpunk1 New Member

    I took the back off of mine and cleaned the button area on the phone and the push button on the back. Hasn't done it since.
  20. sherifhanna82

    sherifhanna82 New Member

    I had the same problem for about 2 months. The phone also wouldn't go to sleep mode when I hit the power button; it would go black for a second then come back on to the lock screen. However, yesterday I received an HTC system update that fixed this issue along with a few other things. This is HTC version 1.50.531.1. Hopefully, you'll all get it soon. Thanks.
  21. mopeyface

    mopeyface New Member

    I've had my phone now since Oct 17th 2011. My phone has been capturing screen shots after about 4 days from when I bought it. I sympathize with Decibelcooper. Every 10 min I find myself capturing screens by pushing the home button. Also, my locked home screen pops up after seconds from locking it and stays on forever until I keep messing with it to keep it off. In fact, my phone has over heated from being on too long while charging and the phone shut itself down because of it. I have not updated my phone at all since buying it so I do not believe it to be any thing to do with updates. I am convinced that it is solely because of the power button and it being so flimsy. I think that it stays depressed or at least depressed enough so that it takes pictures and keeps it from sleeping or on standby. You have to hold the button in in order for the phone to turn off or restart. Sometimes when i have to repeatedly play with the power button my restart turn off airplane mode options will come on, even if i'm not holding the button in. The bottom line is that the power button is faulty.

    In order to get the phone to stop taking pictures, you have to first play with the power button; push it in and out a couple of times before pushing the home button. It's incredibly annoying and bc I paid full price for my phone ($449.99 + tax) I'm beyond mad.

    Please, If anyone has had the issue fixed and fixed completely, let me know. I'm taking pictures of my phone at lease every ten minutes or less.
  22. mopeyface

    mopeyface New Member

    I've cleaned my phone at least 10x....
    Do you have any specific tips on how to clean it?
    I'm seriously thinking about switching to samsung galaxy sII bc of this issue
  23. FredMorton

    FredMorton New Member

    I have been having the same problem. I was advised to put the phone into safe mode and when i did that, the problem went away. So then i worked through which applications i had downloaded from the Android Market and it seems that the QR Droid App may have been responsible. I have uninstalled it and so far so good.
    Bugger. That didnt work either. I am going to have to do a factory reset
  24. colbertroader

    colbertroader Member

    Mine does this too. Random screenshots. Just another HTC frustration will have to live with. Product quality not the best & support SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
  25. avien

    avien New Member

    I am having the exact same problem with my phone, had it serviced for it. Home button=screenshot and the phone is turning way too hot. By reading this thread, I am pretty sure I understand why. Appearently they changed the whole mainboard, so it seems like they are unaware of the issue. Got the screen shot problem again today, hopefully it's only a minor hickup this time.

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