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HTC Sensation 4g switched from TWRP to CMR v5.8.0.9 and can't mount USB storage from recovery

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  1. Alotta

    Alotta Member

    After switching to CMR, I didn't do a backup. My previous backups on TWR were apparently not compatible with CMR. After installing CMR, I did a factory reset and even formatted my sdcard. I would like to flash a new firmware image and ROM but am unable to do so because I can't connect to my PC. When I do try to mount USB in CMR, it says "E:Unable to open UMS lunfile (no such file or directory). I have tried ADB and an application called "Android Commander," but since the only point I am able to get to is hboot and recovery, it is not recognizing my device. So, my question is how can I get my PC to recognize my device again via USBMS?

    Did I explain my situation in-depth enough for someone to possibly give me some advice?

    Thank you

    HTC Sensation 4g TMOUS

  2. zelda574574

    zelda574574 New Member

    hey help me i got the samme problem how did u fix it
  3. Alotta

    Alotta Member

    Are you even able to get into recovery or are you stuck in Hboot?

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