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  1. Farbridge

    Farbridge New Member


    Last week I dropped my phone (htc sensation). My complete screen is damaged and consist 1000 pieces at the moment. But it still works..

    Another problem is that my phone cant turn the wifi on anymore. If I try, the phone is trying for 15 minutes and then says "error".

    Today I went to the shop and asked about the prices, he told me a new screen was 140 euro, while it was not possible to replace the digitizer alone. He said that there will be calibration problems if he does this. Does somebody has some experience with this?

    The next question is about the failure of my wifi. Does someone know where I can look for solutions?

  2. finalfantasy7

    finalfantasy7 Well-Known Member

    not sure about your wifi problem,

    but is it worth it - to fix your screen? as thats alot of money, wont it be possible to buy a used one of aution site for 170euro, and sell your broken one off?

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