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htc sensation not booting just one vibrate no displaySupport

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  1. tomjbirch

    tomjbirch New Member

    my 2 month old sensation will not power up after having the digi replaced, all the connectors are in place and it is fully put back together but now it will not display anything when you press the power button it just vibrates. i took the battery out and then put it back in then plugged in the usb and get the backlight on for afew seconds but then that went off aswell.

  2. Tslide91

    Tslide91 Well-Known Member

    Hold the "volume down" button while you hold the "power" button. Continue holding them down until the bootloader comes up. If that works, reply back and I'll tell you the rest of the steps to fix it if i'm able. No guarentee though
  3. tomjbirch

    tomjbirch New Member

    no that does not work the screen does nothing at all the phone does not even have any LED's flash
  4. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    If you replaced the digitizer then I'm pretty sure you cannot send it in for a replacement. It sounds broken.
  5. tomjbirch

    tomjbirch New Member

    i just found out that the battery could be shot, so i am going to replace the battery to see if that helps
  6. PiranhaNetwork

    PiranhaNetwork New Member

    Hey mate, just wondering if you got your sensation working? I had the same problem, but the LCD connector was not quite securely connected. It looked fine, but I pushed it in a little further and it came to life :) Hope this helps if you haven't sorted it already. Cheers.

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