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  1. Rodders91

    Rodders91 New Member

    Im having several problems with my HTC sensation but the main issue is that it shuts down constantly, and then when I turn it back on it says andriod is upgrading.
    It turns off when Im talking to someone on the phone, when someone starts to ring me, even when Im not doing anything with it. It also tends to shut down as soon as I've turned it back on, and also if I go to restart it, itll just stay turned off.
    One thing I have noticed is that this problem is constant during the day, rendering it useless, but at night (after 7-8pm) I can use my phone with it shutting down only one or two times.
    Other problems I've been experiencing is the headphone jack not working at all and not being able to transfer files from my phone to my laptop through USB (the phone name shows up on 'My computer' still, but doesnt let me do anything anymore).
    I've looked around and their seems to be people having similar issues with the phone shutting down but theirs no mention of the phone uprgading whenever it does this

  2. rctempire

    rctempire New Member

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  3. Rodders91

    Rodders91 New Member

    Cheers, Ill have a look at those threads. I'll have to give your solution a go and hopefully I'll have no more problems :)

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