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  1. thomasjc1

    thomasjc1 New Member

    Hi really struggling here just bought htc sensation xl (second hand) its unlocked but i cant get my sim to work, everything else works.it just says on the screen no sim card,so i cant pick up any network. any ideas i have taken battery and sim out that i have seen some people suggest but that dont work. i have tried other sims and that dont work, i have looked to see if its blacklisted it says no,
    i have spoke to person i bought it off of and he assured me it worked before i had it.its doing my head in.oh also done factory reset

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hi thomasjc1.. :)

    Welcome to Android Forums. I've moved your thread to its support forum for assistance.

    Best of luck.

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