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  1. jyabor91

    jyabor91 Member

    I'm sure most of you here already know about this but for those of you who dont here it is. A link to a thread of on XDA with plenty of custom skins for sense 2.0. I tested them all they work perfect! just install like any other APK and vouila! :)

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  2. jaybeewaybee

    jaybeewaybee Well-Known Member

    Link? What link?
  3. jyabor91

    jyabor91 Member

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  4. Binglut9

    Binglut9 Well-Known Member

    That's a good find got like 6 more skins now thans
  5. Chrizzl3

    Chrizzl3 Well-Known Member

    do i need to be an xda member? how do i install an .apk?
  6. yooperpj

    yooperpj Member

    Do you have to be rooted to use these?
  7. hurang

    hurang Member

    Actually had the same question, do you have to be rooted to use them? I assume not because they're just apk's but I read through the entire xda post and I wasn't able to find anything stating whether or not you needed to be rooted to use them. Probably a stupid question but oh well.
  8. Binglut9

    Binglut9 Well-Known Member

    No u don't just install like an app
  9. Binglut9

    Binglut9 Well-Known Member

    Once installed they will be in your skins section
  10. Kinvan

    Kinvan Well-Known Member

    It says that there is nothing to open it with but do you want to download it anyways and I hit okay. I hate to sound like a dumbass but I don't see it in skins so what next?
  11. zilla.

    zilla. Well-Known Member

    Can you browse those skins on the thunderbolt and download them from the phone browser?
  12. yooperpj

    yooperpj Member

    Some showed up as apk files and some downloaded as bin files. For the bin files, I renamed them as .apk files and proceeded to download through astro
  13. Kinvan

    Kinvan Well-Known Member

    I can download them but when I go into skins the new ones are not there so I sure I am missing something
  14. yooperpj

    yooperpj Member

    After downloading the files. Go to astro and find the file and click on it. It will give you 2 options, select open app manager. Then select install.

    It will only work if it is an .apk file. Some of the themes I downloaded were .bin files. For those you need to rename them. Just long press the file and select edit and then rename and switch the bin to apk. Then install like the others.
  15. Kinvan

    Kinvan Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help.
  16. Skeletronix

    Skeletronix Well-Known Member

    Great find! These are awesome! I remember when I had to root to do customizations like these! The new Sense is really great.
  17. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the files via my computer, then used Dropbox to get them on my phone. I installed right from DB. :)
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  18. majormarkd

    majormarkd Member

    Awesome post!

    Perhaps someone could point me in the direction of a skin that would end up looking something like this with the gray and bad@$$ clock. Or how to do it?

    I dont have my TB in hand (on the fedex truck right now!) and thisll be my first android phone, so if its something easy to do then sorry for the hassle!

    I do realize this is a free app that I can download that allows one to change between sense/motoblur/ and other customized screens, but from what I've read its not compatible with everything that normal sense is, which is something I don't dig.

    Would a skin like the ones posted in this thread have any of these issues?

    Many thanks
  19. Left Coast DJ

    Left Coast DJ Well-Known Member

  20. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Well-Known Member

    I would love to know what that clock widget is!
  21. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Well-Known Member

    I forgot about this one I've had. It's pretty similar and looks pretty slick.

    wp clock full - Android app on AppBrain
  22. AustinTech

    AustinTech Well-Known Member

    I'm missing something here, when I go into Astro, find the file, and click on it the screen just says "file type not found."

    When I long press it will let me "Details - Open as - Edit."

    There isn't an option to install anything.:confused:
  23. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Well-Known Member

    Do you have Unknown Sources checked in Settings>Applications?
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  24. yooperpj

    yooperpj Member

    It probably saved as a .bin file. When you long press it Click edit, then rename. Switch the .bin at the end to .apk then try clicking the file and you should be good.
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  25. AustinTech

    AustinTech Well-Known Member

    You two were both right. I thought I checked the Unknown Sources check cause I download from the new Amazon Store, but it wasn't. And the file was actually named .apk, instead of randomname.apk

    THanks guys!

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