HTC Sense Like Widgets?

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  1. Bxsteez

    Bxsteez Active Member

    I've been going through the app store all day on the motorola droid and I can't seem to find any widgets that give a similar experience to htc sense. I've read that these exist but i'm wondering if they only exist at a cost or are there ones that i'm just missing.

    On another side not. Has anyone got any theme apps to work? If so which ones?

  2. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

  3. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    Please keep in mind, there is a bug with Beautiful Widgets right now.

    Beautiful Home causes the GPS radio to stay on constantly. Your battery will die super quick. I posted a comment on the authors site, but...who knows if he'll see it and fix it quickly. Considering it's a paid app.
  4. Bxsteez

    Bxsteez Active Member

  5. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    What is the "Beautiful Home" widget?

    I'm using this one...

    Beautiful Widgets | LevelUp Studio

    Is that what you're referring to?
  6. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member

    I use weather widget donate and the forecast add on.
  7. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member

    I decided to buy Beautiful widgets for the Plane Mode widget mainly but I was also curious what the difference was between "Weather Widget - Donate" and the "Beautiful Widget Home".

    Both are flip clocks with weather and forecast. The Weather Widget - Donate with the free forecast add-on is much nicer in that it animates the picture of the sun or moon and clouds or weather when you tap it for the forecast just like on HTC Sense devices. Beautiful Widgets doesn't animate when you tap for the forecast. All of the other widgets that come with Beautiful Widgets still makes it a good purchase (a lot of quick settings toggles).
  8. ejl2010

    ejl2010 Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded the Weather Widget donate but I don't see the animations when I click the clouds/sun. Am I supposed to set something up? Suggestions? Thanks!
  9. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member

    You now have to download "Weather Widget Forecast" it's free.
  10. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

  11. Bxsteez

    Bxsteez Active Member

    So if i'm understanding this correctly there aren't any that are free??
  12. cc16177

    cc16177 Well-Known Member

    I run my GPS non-stop anyways simply because I have a charger at home, at work, and in my car... but even without charging during the day I still get a full days use out of the phone and I use it pretty extensively at work.
  13. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    I'm using the free version of weather widget. It looks great and updates every hour with weather for my current location.

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