htc sense s710e problems after upgrading to ICSSupport

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  1. samantha27

    samantha27 New Member

    hi, my htc phone used to be android froyo but then i got a notification that i can be upgraded to android ginger bread, i did. then another notification to upgrade to ice cream sandwich. when i upgraded my phone to ICS, i can't view my pictures on the gallery anymore. my screen keeps on flashing and flashing. i dont know what went wrong..

    can anyone pls help me....

  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Welcome to AF, Samantha. :)

    Have you tried doing a factory reset? Doing so usually fixes software related bugs especially from updating your OS (Operating System) and if I recall, wipes the remnants of the old firmware that could cause these bugs.
  3. samantha27

    samantha27 New Member

    yes, ive tried that but nothing happened, my phone's still have the same problems.. ive tried several times
  4. samantha27

    samantha27 New Member

    my phone is s-on and locked.

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