HTC Sense Software reinstall vs Service Centre reinstall

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  1. hotdiggity

    hotdiggity New Member

    Recently had issues (usb bricking) with an HTC Legend that I failed to fix by reinstalling the phone's software using the downloadable installer from HTC. I took the phone to a local Vodafone Service Centre and they fixed the issue by reinstalling the phone software using a special "jig" from HTC (or so the service rep described it).

    Does anybody know how the service centre's phone installer ("jig") is any different from the downloadable software installer available on the HTC site? I'm concerned about needing to take the phone to a service centre every time I have an issue that could easily be fixed by a reinstall at home?

  2. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    I think when he said 'jig' he meant trick and not a special type of file

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