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  1. Captainflowers91

    Captainflowers91 Well-Known Member

    Ever since I got my droid, I've used Launcher Pro Plus at the home screen because I like the widgets you get with Pro Plus. Recently I've been trying out ADW Launcher and I really like it, but obviously, I can't run the pro plus widgets on it. Is there an alternative I can use? The ones I really like were the people, calendar, bookmarks, facebook, and message widgets. Any alternatives? I wish I could use pro plus widgets on ADW, but thats probably not going to happen

  2. Penguissimo

    Penguissimo Well-Known Member

    These are probably the closest you'll come for calendar and message:

    Android apps by Francois DESLANDES

    Not sure about the others; maybe someone else will have some ideas for those.
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  3. EAK128

    EAK128 Well-Known Member

    Also check Colorize Widget.
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  4. Captainflowers91

    Captainflowers91 Well-Known Member

    Colorize Widget works perfectly. Thank you

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