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  1. jpmoriarty

    jpmoriarty New Member

    Just downloaded the new HTC Sync 3 and I seem to be having a small problem - in that it doesn't actually sync anything! Even when it does think it completes ok (rarely), nothing has synced with my HTC desire. I just tried it only syncing bookmarks, with either IE, FF or Chrome (each of which has different bookmarks on my PC), and even though it seemed to "progress" nothing changed on my desire at all. Whenever I try to sync music with iTunes it gives an "unknown error occurred" warnings, and syncing pictures usually causes the windows "what do you want to do with this device" warning, but none of the photos that are supposed to sync actually do.

    Any ideas?!

  2. mscomms

    mscomms Member

    I uninstalled it immediatly as I am stuck with Lotus Notes as a mail client at wotk ans Sync3 does not support notes wheras Sync2 does
  3. Trebby

    Trebby Member

    I am having the same problems. I need Sync3 to get my iTunes synced with my Desire. Anybody have any solution to this problem?
  4. shosoloza

    shosoloza New Member

    in case it helps - the interface has changed some from sync 2. Only after a few days did I discover the sync on/off buttons on the people and calendar options on the UI. click them on, turned green and they started syncing. (I am dumb - I know, but just in case someone else has missed them)
    Sync 3 is using lots of CPU and is awfully slow - also causes duplicates. Anyone else finding this?
  5. el_jefe

    el_jefe Active Member

    I also have Lotus Notes at work. So I uninstalled Sync 3 as well, but my Desire won't find Sync 2 on the pc, although it is installed...
    Did you get it to work again?

    JIMMY HTC New Member

    Had a similar experience on Saturday - trying to sync my i-tunes from my desktop using sync 3.
    Wouldn't recognise nearly any of my itunes (nearly 1600 songs) and would only sync 30 odd.
    Occasionally sync would recognise there were 8GB of data to sync, but would seem to hang on certain songs and then disconnect with a 'Sync failed' notification. I've added a 16gb micro card 7 formatted it.
    After much fiddling & whatif analysis, I ended up selecting the songs directly from my 'C' drive.
    Painfully slow - nearly 600 songs added, but nearly cooked the phone in the process :eek: - eventually got a fail message on the desktop system tray.
    I abandoned it after that, when I have the inclination, maybe just select an album at a time to stop the phone overheating - labour intensive again.

    Would anyone alse be able suggest a less invasive way of copying/syncing with songs list onto my Desire without it self destructing or continually failing? :confused:
  7. JimSmith94

    JimSmith94 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had any luck sync'ing Gallery and Bookmarks with HTC Sync 3? My Contacts and Calendar sync just fine, but I don't see any phone pictures on my PC and have no Firefox bookmarks on my Evo.
  8. sonesh

    sonesh Well-Known Member

    I've just been reading my Desire HD's manual, and it clearly states there are options in the manual that are not available in the currently release of HTC Sync 3.

    My guess is they've released it quickly in line with the HD and the Z, but there will be an update to fix the bugs you guys are experiencing, and to add the features that I'm missing.
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  9. JimSmith94

    JimSmith94 Well-Known Member

    I guess I'll uninstall version 3 and try version 2 on my Evo. I've never tried 2, so hopefully it can't/won't be any worse.
  10. mscomms

    mscomms Member

    Sorry for the delay in responding, Yes it worked immediatly but it is its normal flaky self.

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