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HTC Sync and Vista

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  1. jaybea830802

    jaybea830802 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried using HTC Sync to synchronise Outlook Calendar and Contacts with the Hero on Vista (Ultimate)? I have had great problems getting the phone and PC/Laptop to recognise each other, despite turning off Firewall and Antivirus and allowing HTC Sync to run as Administrator. I have only got it to work once on my Laptop, despite uninstalling and reinstalling, and I only got it to work a second time on my PC after several reboots.

    I don't have problems synching other devices (Treo 650 and TomTom) so I don't think it is a hardware problem.

    If you use Categories for Calendar entries in Outlook then watch out, as the Hero Calendar does not support them and deletes them all, which resulted (for me) with a lot of duplicate entries in Outlook. One-way syncs (PC -> Hero) might be the only solution if I want to keep Categories.

    Other than that, the phone is great. I am sure that the inevitable teething problems will be sorted out soon.


  2. p5ym0n

    p5ym0n Member

    I'm having the same problems with my Hero and HTC Sync in W7 RC 64.
    I thought it was related to the adb drivers not getting installed, but after reading around they seem to be in now (but showing at HTC Dream Composite ADB interface, I don't know if that's correct).
    No matter what I try HTC sync just won't find the device :/

    Hope someone has some answers or ideas :)
  3. dangerousd

    dangerousd Member

    I'm still waiting for my sim-free Hero... which I've ordered and paid for :mad:, so not sure I can help much.

    However, whilst keeping myself amused waiting for mine to arrive, I did come across this blog entry posted by the UK distributors - Synchronise the HTC Hero with Microsoft Outlook | Brightpoint GB Tech Blog.

    You may well have seen these instructions already, but thought I should post the link just in case it can help someone out!!
  4. jaybea830802

    jaybea830802 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses. I am glad it is not only me having problems. I will try HTC support.

    The other annoyance I have found is that all alarms I have set it Outlook seem to go off an hour later on the Hero. Both my PC and the Hero are set for the same time zone, so I am not sure what is happening, but it looks like the Hero calendar might not be taking account of British Summer Time although the clock is correct.

  5. sparky6911

    sparky6911 New Member

    I have also had major priblems getting sync to work, and I wouldn't bother with HTC because, as far as they are concerned they have not released the phone to the market yet and so were unwilling to help.

    When I spoke to orange they stated the the software is from HTC so they are responsible for it and would not help.

    However after a bit of ferreting around on the phone I came across this online set up guide and have pulled out the following link

    Learn More

    on there is a download section which has the latest HTC sync and I found that this has been pretty good so far, with the exception of updating my outlook calendar from the phone.

    Hope this is of help
  6. sparky6911

    sparky6911 New Member

    Finally got it all working, it was just a case of setting the correct calendar on the phone :)
  7. p5ym0n

    p5ym0n Member

    I still can't get mine working.
    The HTC Sync installer package reports:

    ERROR: Path "C:\program files (x86)\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\Vista_x64" not found.

    ADB driver still does not get installed and I'm sure published work around's do not work correctly (install HTC Dream ADB driver).
    Even with that installed (from the 1.5 r2 SDK) HTC Sync still refuses to connect to the Hero :/

    Any more ideas?
  8. p5ym0n

    p5ym0n Member

    Ok finally got somewhere :)

    Seems that HTC Sync 64 drivers refuse to install correctly in W7.
    Works fine in Vista.

    So I've uploaded (hope HTC don't mind) the 64 bit drivers so you can manually place them in C:\Program Files (x86)\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\Vista_x64
    Grab them here: http://the-asylum.com/files/HTC_Driver_64.zip
    If you don't have the ADB driver installed anyway, or just change the incorrectly installed one, find that device in Windows (Devices and Printers -> Android Phone, double click -> Hardware) and do an Update driver pointed at that location. It should then come back as "My HTC".

    Hope that helps.
  9. TrevorMoody

    TrevorMoody New Member

    Thankyou very much for uploading the Drivers. They work a treat for me on Win 7 (64)
  10. matraklirahn

    matraklirahn Member

    Thanks to all those who have replied with some really helpful info, though i'm still having a problem.

    This time with Win7 32bit. Having almost exactly the same problem. Got the new htc sync software from the link (cause htc's website is fail) and unfortunately no joy. I did however not get the error message i had been getting previously.

    Is there anywhere i can find the 32bit drivers for win 7? I see the 64 bit drivers but i doubt installing those would help on the 32bit system.

    Any coins of wisdom?
  11. p5ym0n

    p5ym0n Member

  12. matraklirahn

    matraklirahn Member

    Thanks for that :)
  13. tlzeebub

    tlzeebub Member

    Hi newbie here became the proud owner of a Hero and it seems like a great phone however I'm trying to sync it with Microsoft Outlook on my PC running Vista Ultimate 32bit and although I've installed HTC Sync 2.0.4 on my PC when I connect my Hero via USB my PC tells me it's found new hardware and needs to install device drivers so I click on find drivers and it fails to find them every time so my Hero wont talk to my PC and therefore I cant sync, please please help:confused:
  14. debrrose

    debrrose Member

    I got my son a Hero a couple of days ago and he couldn't get it to sync, same thing - it couldn't find drivers.

    Then I got one myself, and being sort of a geeky type, I read the manual that came with it. There was an odd thing in there about checking the USB debugging checkbox under manage applications in settings. I did that, plugged in the cable (on the same computer), and it worked fine.

    Apparently the sync program lives on the little memory card that came with the phone, and it needed that checkbox to be able to install???? Surely that wasn't the answer, but then again it worked...

    Also I noticed the UI is a little odd, you can't click on the whole title to initiate an action, only on the little button next to the title. So if someone was clicking on the text they might think it was broken when it's really just picky.
  15. moggyman

    moggyman New Member

    Yes, one correction: USB debugging is under settings, applications, DEVELOPMENT.

    now i can sync!
  16. debrrose

    debrrose Member

    That's right - development. But the question remains, was that really part of the solution to the sync problem?
  17. moggyman

    moggyman New Member

    it was, usb debugging got my green htc sync icon to appear in the system tray. Now i am trying to mount the sd card (so i can put my music onto it)- how to do that?
  18. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Pull down the notification bar and select USB Connected.
  19. mitasoft

    mitasoft New Member

    I had the same problems connecting to the HTC Sync. So here the steps I did in Windows 7:

    1.Uninstall HTC Sync and Drivers
    2.Install the HTC Sync, your phone should be disconnected
    3.After install I pluged in the Hero after that appers the notifications bar
    4.Tap the one with HTC Sync
    5.You will that windows 7 will try first to find the drivers from update service
    6.I should click in that window to skip searching from the update service
    7.And It worked ....

    To view the window I need to look to systray or in the hidden systray icons.
  20. justajason

    justajason Active Member

    Sorry for no intro, but did you guys manage to get two way sync? Or one way from outlook...
  21. JoHunter

    JoHunter Active Member

    HELP!!! On my laptop I'm running windows vista 32bit, HTC sync installed fine, but when I connect my phone my HTC Hero can't find the software on my laptop. Done what everyone's said above adding drivers ect but nothing it still won't find the HTC Sync programme. Any help would be gratefully appreciated

  22. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    Exact same issues under Vista ultimate.

    Done all the above, and still phone and sync manager cant seem to see each other.

    Are there any other things to check?
  23. mikeko879

    mikeko879 Member

    this is weird... I have 2 pc, both with windows vista, though my office laptop is vista 32, while my personal desktop is vista ultimate.

    I was able to have the "USB connected" in the vista 32, and got it to sync with ms outlook contacts and calendar smoothly.

    While I get stuck on the "new hardware found" - basically cannot find a driver (where clearly, the vista64 andrioid usb driver is there).

    Any help please?
  24. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    After sweet talking the IT guy to test it, I can get it working fine on XP pro. Sadly they wont allow it, but let me update the f/w first :)

    Just damn vista I need to sort!
  25. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    I have resolved my issue.

    I have copied the following files to windows/system32 which the installation process did not install from programs/htc/htc drivers/vista_x86.


    One the PC was rebooted, and my Hero connected, Windows Vista instantly recognised the phone.

    I suspect the same is affecting win 7 and 64bit users.

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