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  1. simes6600

    simes6600 Well-Known Member

    i have a UK vodafone HTC Magic with 2.2.1. want to downgrade to 1.6, have the donut 1.6 voda firmware exe to flash but it doesn't recognise the HTC.

    was told i needed to install HTC sync (3.2.10) which i have done, but can't get my PC (win 7 64) to recognise the phone, keep getting device not connected. have googled extensively on this, and tried many options ie..

    set usb debugging on phone
    disable ADB process in windows
    moved drivers from program files to system32 folder
    rebooted phone/pc

    any help is mucho appreciated :)

  2. EranH

    EranH New Member

    I had the same problem that was solved only by using an older Sync version.

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