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  1. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I got a new PC, so I installed HTC Sync on it. When I go to the People option, it does not allow me to turn on syncing. The On/Off buttons are faded out and I cannot click on the On button to turn on syncing. I don't have a problem with Music, Gallery, Bookmarks or Documents. Just People and Calendar.

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I believe HTC Sync requires MS Outlook to use that feature.
  3. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I have Windows Mail on my old Windows Vista PC. It synced to the Windows contacts. My new PC is Windows 7. It had Windows Live Mail. I guess this is different than Windows Mail on Vista which is probably a light version of Outlook.
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I think you're spot-on with that. Have you checked HTC's support site for an updated version of Sync? They''ll have to refresh it to support their new devices and may have improved the software support too.
  5. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    The version of Sync that I use, I just downloaded it, so it would appear to be the most up to date version. I had my new PC for a couple of months and took my time converting everything. What I did this weekend was fire up the mail client. I backed up my contacts and copied them over to my new PC. That worked. I also imported the contacts to my Gmail account (a secondary account I got only because I got an Android phone). I've been using my Gmail account for most things as it is well integrated with my Android phone. Gmail doesn't seem to integrate seemlessly into HTC Sense or anything else PC related. Now I seem to have my contacts scattered across 3 places (Gmail, phone, and Windows Live Mail) with no easy way to sync all 3. :mad: At least with my old PC, I could sync things easily. I may just use my old PC for mail more often now. It seems I cannot move some things over to my new PC as of yet.
  6. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    You no longer need 3rd party software or an Exchange Server to synchronize with Outlook or Windows Live Mail.

    You can automatically (or manually) synchronize Outlook (or Windows Live Mail) email, contacts, and calendar with your Android device, as long as you have a Hotmail, MSN Mail, or Live email account. Just add it to the standard Android email app. Instructions are here. No third party app is needed and (in my opinion) it's way better than any third party synchronization app available.

    Any contact or calendar items will have to be on your Hotmail/MSN/Live account and will not be synchronized with Gmail (which is arguably a good thing) or be searchable with Google Voice Search (which is not a good thing since it works better than the built in voice dialer) but you can still use those contacts to make phone calls, send emails (from whatever account you choose), navigate, etc.

    You need to keep your Outlook contacts and calendar events on a Hotmail/MSN/Live account in Outlook. Also, subfolders for email are allowed, but subfolders for Calendar and Contacts are not.
  7. lolob2b

    lolob2b New Member

    I can't stand these pseudo solutions (RazzMaTazz) where when you ask for cross platform synch, and the answer is just 'just use the Megasoft shit stuff" as you suggest by opening a Microsoft/Hotmail account!
    I just got today a new HTC Desire/Android and getting the same problem, but exactly as i got with my previous HTC Win 6 too!
    The simple reason is over proprietary solution, even against old same brand products!
    The function activates only with selected Windows products ...
    So, some possible solutions:
    1-Switch to full Gmail but web and not mail client, and proprietary too ...
    2-Auto forward your usual mail to your Gmail account and back to 1
    3-Look for a 3rd party intelligent tool that will do the job as i have previously bought.
    So i will first look for a net mail client that support Gmail contacts and any other mail. If not any, then will look for a 3rd party tool.
  8. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    lolob2b: Adding a Hotmail account to Outlook and to Android (ActiveSync) is simple, it's free, it perfectly synchronizes your contacts & calendar, and it doesn't require you to install any software or apps. You don't even need to use Hotmail for email. (You can use Gmail or whatever you like.) So I don't understand your objection to it.

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