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  1. Jcutsa

    Jcutsa Member

    Hey guys & gals I recently had a coworker convert from blackberry to a android device(G2(tmobile)). Is there no HTC Sync for the G2? She wants to sync with outlook but there is nothing on I know its not an evo question, but my goodness everyone is dead over in the G2 section. Im sure i can get an answer from my fellow evo owners since we know all things android ;).

    Thanks in advance

  2. ExSaint

    ExSaint Well-Known Member

    I will glad to help you out no matter what forum its in. First thing is what Type of email system is she on? Pop or exchange. You really dont need the HTC Sync with Android bases phones. They have the ability to use exchange and pop sync by just using the servers.
  3. Jcutsa

    Jcutsa Member

    We have outlook 2003 (pop) here at work. We have roadrunner internet service and for some reason the roadrunner outgoing server continuously gives us with androids problems and says Error: Verify username/password incorrect when in fact it is correct or Error: Could not connect to server. I just gave up on my evo. She just linked her email to her gmail account. But what she really wants is to sync her contacts and calendar. If you have solutions for both email and conact sync it would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Her blackberry connected no problem to her work email but she really liked the G2 and now this issue arises.

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