HTC Sync issue with dates?

  1. sbillard

    sbillard Active Member

    I have discovered (by accident) that when I sync my contacts to my Hero dates such as birthday or anniversary do not necessarily transfer correctly.

    For instance, I have an Outlook contact with an anniversary of 5/28/1966. After I sync the phone, the phone version of the contact shows 5/27/1966. However, the birthday came through correctly.

    I presume this is because of some kind of timezone issue since things seem off by being a day earlier. But I would think that for these kinds of dates the timezone could be ignored. (I don't care that the wedding occurred on a different day GMT.)

    Anyone else notice this? Any fix/work-a-round?

  2. sbillard

    sbillard Active Member

    I'll give it a try, but I doubt it will fix the problem:

    1. I have never changed timezones
    2. The date in question is in a contact field, not in the calendar
    3. HTC have confirmed that this is an issue with HTC Sync for which there is no fix yet.

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