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  1. Lolhare

    Lolhare Member

    Anyone had problems downloading the HTC sync manager onto PC?

    Fron the HTC site I'm trying to run the manager onto a new Sony Vaio but either I get a message at 99% saying it was interupted,resuming ends up failing,or it just fails anyhow,I tried downloading an HTC app but with the same result,can anyone help please??

    I can't get the options to SYNC etc on the ONE X+ like I used to with the ONE X on my old laptop when I connect via USB either

    Norton confirms the file is safe but I end up with a message saying this app isn't compatible with my PC and to check with the publisher,but Windows security ends up blocking it anyway to protect my PC??

    I also made sure to remove anything HTC/Android then trying again too but same result

    Thanks in advance anyone,I'm pulling my hair out!!

  2. DHD99

    DHD99 Member

    Perhaps you should check if there is an option in your Windows setting to allow the installation of HTC Sync.
    The other possibility is to contact HTC for some assistance.
  3. Lolhare

    Lolhare Member

    Thanks for the reply

    I disabled the Windows firewalls and some other settings but I'm getting back the message saying that the app isn't compatible

    Still searching,I'll try HTC somehow like you say I guess
  4. jamesoffice

    jamesoffice Member

    Hi all from a new member.

    I am trying to download HTC Sync Manager to my Windows (VAIO) laptop but keep getting an error.

    I can't attach a screen grab as I have not got the 'required number of posts' :(

    Any ideas?

    Cheers in advance

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