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HTC Sync not workingSupport

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  1. ryanmiller78

    ryanmiller78 Active Member

    I have had my Evo since day 1. Sync has worked perfectly until today. It started by syncing hlf my info and then timing out. Then it stopped connecting completely. I blew out HTC sync from my PC, reinstalled the new version from HTC's website, and still not connection. It says it isn't finding HTC Sync on my PC yet is connects to charge and as a hard drive.


    Any ideas?

  2. htcevolee

    htcevolee Well-Known Member

    Try a different USB port?
  3. htcevolee

    htcevolee Well-Known Member

    See if this works.

    The solution is not ideal, but follwo the steps below and it should be OK.
    1. Connect your EVO to your PC via USB
    2. Turn it off (hold the power button down for a bit, don’t just put it to sleep)
    3. Turn it back on again.
  4. htcevolee

    htcevolee Well-Known Member

    Select USB debugging on your phone
    If you have set up HTC Sync to auto sync Outlook contacts and calendar (or Outlook Express contacts), make sure USB debugging is selected before connecting the USB cable to your phone and your computer.

    1. Press HOME > MENU, and then tap Settings > Applications > Development.
    2. Tap the USB debugging check box if it's not selected.
  5. htcevolee

    htcevolee Well-Known Member

  6. SteveGrice

    SteveGrice New Member


    I have a HTC Desire but HTC Sync will not sync my phone calender with Outlook on my PC. I have been speaking with HTC technical dept and they are not able to sort out the problem.

    I am using Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista 32.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. Its a software problem. My phone will sync on my laptop with Vista but it wont on my Win 7 laptop. The software says its both Vista and Win 7 compatible but its B/S there is a problem with the sync software.
  8. iansian

    iansian New Member

    oh dear- i've JUST got my new htc desire today and here we are with problems on day 1.
    I thought it was me - i installed htc sync from web and sd card and the newer version. Non are working.
    Phone searches for htc sync on my computer and fails to find it.
    any help appriciated. running vista32.android2.2:(
  9. steve053

    steve053 Member

    Check to make sure there's nothing wrong with your HTC USB Cable by changing the default connection type to 'disk drive' (menue-settings-connect to PC-default connection type).

    If it's working correctly your windows pc should give you a pop-up asking how you want to veiw the attached storage device (the sd card on your EVO).

    When I tried this I could see that there were connection problems as the dialogue box would open and close. Switching usb ports didn't help. The only thing that worked was plugging in my $3 replacement cable. Since then no problems.
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  10. minnebarista

    minnebarista New Member

    THANKS! Indeed, it WAS the micro USB cable I was using. As soon as I switched, it all worked.:D
  11. FlyboyJr

    FlyboyJr Active Member

    Did you ever get anywhere with this?

    My wife is having the same problem. We sync 2 EVOs to the same computer. Mine works fine but hers will not sync EVO Calender events to PC... she can only sync PC to EVO.
    Her contacts sync both ways normal , it's just a problem with the calender events.

    We have tried different USB cable and I have even reset her phone, deleted everything on it , and reinstalled.


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