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  1. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    First post, so hi!!

    I'm using W7 Ultimate x64 and had no issues with the latest version of HTC Sync and Outlook 2007 x86 - all fine and dandy.

    Upgraded last night to Office 2010 x64 and now Sync won't see my Desire - any reasons for this? I've not tried another USB port as yet so will do so later this evening but thought I'd see if anyone else has got it working.

    This is the full retail Office 2010, not the beta/technical preview btw

  2. pil0t

    pil0t Active Member

    EddyOS: one stupid question, did you install HTCSync on your computer?

    I have another problem regarding your title (but not the same problem).

    I have photos in my Contacts in Outlook 2007 with pictures of the contacs. After the synchronisation all photos on my phone gets replaced by photos from Outlook wich have low resolution and therefor are blurred.

    What to do?
  3. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    Yes, HTC Sync was working fine - I've not removed it and am using the latest version from the HTC website (2.0.33). Had no issues and I've just uninstalled Office 2007 and installed 2010

    The issue with Outlook pictures is it only has a photo size of 96x96 (i think) so pictures are shrunk down and then when sent back to the Desire they look crap. Only way of stopping this is to remove the photos from Outlook
  4. rincage

    rincage Member

    I can't get HTC Sync to work with Outlook 2010 x64 either. Think it's a plug-in issue as they need to be re-compiled to work with x64 version of outlook.
  5. bry

    bry New Member

    yep it wont work a lot of programs not just htc sense have this problem.

    You have installed the 64bit version of outlook so anything that interacts with it needs to be 64bit. htc sync is not 64 bit.
    To get htc sense to work with outlook 2010 you will need to uninstall office 2010 x64 and install the x86 version.
  6. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and that's a hassle - just as well my Desktop is still running Outlook 2007 x86!!
  7. Glamdring10

    Glamdring10 Member

    I'm having the same issue: just discovered it. I'm not uninstalling Office. It's up to Android to stay with the times. How can they expect Android to compete in the business market if they can't be used in businesses? Does the iPh*ne sync properly?
  8. StoneDeCroze

    StoneDeCroze Well-Known Member

  9. desireable99

    desireable99 New Member

    I can't get the sync to install.... downloaded the new version off the web, didn't appear after starting the download. Turned off the anti-virus as requested. Why won't it install??
  10. scottfguinn

    scottfguinn New Member

    Check out CompanionLink--works like a charm. You can use it like HTC Sync by hooking your phone up to your computer via USB, or you can use it wirelessly by having Outlook (yes, even 2010 64 bit) syn with your Google account (which is what I do). It's a bit pricey at $40, but has a free 14 day trial. Well worth it, IMO, as it works much better and is much more intuitive and exhaustive than HTC sync.

    Sync Microsoft Outlook to Google and Android-based phones like the Motorola Droid | CompanionLink

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