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  1. gibbo

    gibbo Member

    I managed to get HTC Sync installed and working correctly. But now when I connect my phone to the PC it is not recognised :(
    If I select the notification that tells you the USB is connected to mount the SD Card then that works, but still no sync.

    Any body got any ideas ?


  2. rizzla

    rizzla Well-Known Member

    Plug your phone out and try reinstalling (modify) the htc sync. Windows should say it need to restart for the installation to take affect. when windows loads up plug the phone back in and it should try and read the driver from htc sync, hopefully all should be fine.

    You may also have to mount the phone aswell.
  3. stormriderr

    stormriderr New Member

    (Q) How do I synchronize my phone with my PC?

    (A) You can find the latest version of HTC Sync and drivers from Support section of HTC website. From your phone, the USB debugging check box in HOME > MENU > Settings > Applications > Development needs to be selected for the phone to be able to synchronize with the PC using HTC Sync. On your computer, run HTC Sync. Connect the phone to the computer using the provided USB cable. The first time you synchronize the phone, the Synchronization Settings Wizard starts automatically to help you set up HTC Sync. Select the PC application you want to synchronize with and then select the categories you want to synchronize. Select when to synchronize data and then check the settings that you have chosen.
  4. andyandroid

    andyandroid New Member

    Hi can anyone tell me how I can sync my new G2 touch with outlook. All my contacts and diary info is in outlook and I cant get any of it on my phone.

    I have downloaded htc sync, turn on degugging usb attached cable and tried to sync. It starts sync but only goes along for 10% and then says sync failed. I have tried a whole bunch of times but same frustrating result.

    The phone was new and locked on T-mobile I had it unlocked and now it runs fine on O2. I am using Windows Vista on my laptop. Please help as I cant call anyone as I have no contacts on the phone cos there all on my office outlook.

    Gratefully Andy!
  5. aarongale

    aarongale New Member

    I have just done this with my new G2 and this is the route I would recommend.
    Export your outlook contacts as a CSV file.
    Logon to gmail and import those contacts.
    Sync your G2 with gmail and it will import all your contacts.

    The reason I wouldn't use HTC Sync is that is add a lot of tasks to windows you really shouldn't need running all the time and also there is a good chance it will delete your contacts from Outlook as it did on mine.
  6. andyandroid

    andyandroid New Member

    I need to sync both my contacts and my diary. Google mail will only do my contacts, is that correct?
  7. desireable99

    desireable99 New Member

    I have tried downloading the sync from the website, tried copying it from my sd card.
    I cannot get it to install. I click on the application, select the language, it extracts, then decompresses, then I get a box on the screen that has information in it and an ok down the bottom. When you click ok it does nothing else

    What am i doing wrong??:confused::(
  8. PhilipC

    PhilipC New Member

    I'm having problems as well.

    I have installed the HTC sync on my laptop as per instructions, I click on it and it says

    'no phone connected'

    And when I connect the phone it goes through the option screen, then says the sync is not on the computer

    I have tried connecting the phone first, than running from the laptop

    Then I have tried it the other way around, neither works.

    I am using a laptop running Vista, and the phone is a brand new Wildfire.

    The laptop shows that the phone is connected, well it makes the sound anyway, and the phone is charging from the USB cable so I am a lose..
  9. celsis

    celsis Member

    Same here!! Maddening!!
  10. passerby

    passerby New Member

    For Wildfire you need to enable USB debugging on the phone. Settings - Applications - Development - tick USB debugging. Plug phone in and it will start to install automatically (if you have HTC Sync)

    This is a bit poor and should be in the HTC support FAQs
  11. celsis

    celsis Member

    Already done that, about three times now! Running Vista business, 4gb, dual core. More than adequate spec, really getting to me now, love the phone, but if I cant connect it to the pc im doomed!!! lol
  12. TiberiusJD

    TiberiusJD New Member

    I have also a problem with HTC sync

    I have a HTC wildfire, and when I connect it with the PC HTC sync recognize it but It doesn't want to sync my music and video.

    any solutions?
  13. newhtc

    newhtc Member

    Having same sync issue with Legend maybe worse as I've never seen this so-called "wizard". intalled/uninstalled/reinstalled sync without change, phone still can't see it on the computer.
    Device manager recognizes phone with a !, but says I'm using the latest driver.
    Debugging is checked, phone does successfully charge, but can't do any sync.

    Running Vista Home Premium 32bit

    Using Sync 2.0.38 (Canadian user)

  14. newhtc

    newhtc Member

    For any other Vista user having issues, it seems that you need to have SP1 installed in order for the phone to be recognized - works like a charm since the pack.
  15. stroke1988

    stroke1988 New Member

    I have solved it on my Windows 7 PC 64 bit i had to right click HTC Sync on my desktop and select troubleshoot computability then recommended settings changes it to Windows XP service pack 2 then run and it should work hope this helps people!!
  16. puremind

    puremind New Member

    Hello guys

    I have found an elegant solution. Since it was clear this is a driver issue, I looked for a third party driver.

    Here is one that works perfectly with all versions of HTC synch:

    Here is the thread where I found the driver:

    I didn't read the thread, I just grabbed the driver and used the following method:
    1. download and extract the file to any folder
    2. go to device manager,
    3. while connected with your phone with android generic device driver, find the android device in the list of devices
    4. update driver: "let me specify", "have disk", and then point to the folder where you extracted the driver (any folder in a non protected/system folder works)

    It doesn't matter that this driver is not signed, you will need to reboot, but after that HTC synch works. If you happen to overwrite this driver through a new HTC synch installation, just repreat the procedure.
  17. gdsemiller

    gdsemiller New Member

    I have an HTC Inspire 4G and just downloaded the HTC Sync. When trying to sync with my pc it runs for a few seconds and then gives the following error "The Process stopped because the media was removed or communication with the drive was lost". It did download some of my songs but not all. I also have a video I took which is pretty big 60mb and Im trying to get it to my pc also. Is there a way to reduce the video size after the video has been taken?
  18. GearDrive

    GearDrive New Member

    Went through all the attempted fixes listed in this thread and nothing worked. Finally decided to send the problem to HTC for a solution. I had to pull the battery out to get the serial number they asked for. Put the battery back in and all was fixed!! After all the BS I went through it was that easy.
  19. Airbusdriver87

    Airbusdriver87 New Member

    EVO 4g (Sprint) I too have tried ALL of the recommended fixes short of the universal dvr (will try it next). Been on the phone with HTC 5 times. Am dwn to a factory data reset if the new dvr doesn't work. The 2.0.40 that came on the phone used to work, sometimes had to reinstall but now nothing is working! " Can't find HTC on your PC......." msg.
  20. Angry79

    Angry79 New Member

    :confused: What a total load of cr4p HTC Sync is. Loved phone initially (Desire), but spent way to much time now reading forums, contacting HTC support, trying EVERYTHING everybody said to make this piece of sh1t work. It doesn't.
    It's not that it has bugs, it actually doesn't work, at all. Only one thing it does do consistantly - hang every PC I try it on (with "updating HTC library" message). Try task manager and see the CPU usage and memory usage - 100%! WTF?
    It worked 1st time ever off the sd card, and never worked again. Installed, re-installed, upgraded, tried multiple PCs, disabling anti-v and firewalls etc etc. Never worked again. I am IT literate, and worked in IT. If we released a "product" like this we'd be fired! HTC support's final solution was to tell me to wait for next release in June... HELP! Anybody? Using Sync version 3.0.5511 (latest) on normal XP Professional service pack 2, with Outlook 2003. Tried other XP Home, Vista, 7 etc etc.
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  21. bobsface

    bobsface New Member

    If you disconnect the internet connection HTC Sync works everytime. Syncs with outlook calendar/contacts / files etc. etc.

    I know it's not ideal but it obviously tries to access the internet and maybe it's a firewall thing.

    I agree I could be much better.
  22. tarkan

    tarkan New Member

  23. zeffy

    zeffy Member

    my htc wildfire after installing CM7 Rom not connect on htc sync
    plz help me
    thank you
  24. Jazzajon

    Jazzajon New Member

    Hi. I've tried pretty much every thing suggested on this thread to sync my wife's HTC Desire S with my PC running Windows 7 64 bit. I have un-installed and re-installed the drivers after going into msconfig and leaving only the Microsoft programs running. I have tried turning debugging on and off. I uninstalled and cleaned the registry and then reinstalled the version on the phone instead of the one from the HTC site. Still nothing. finally I tried Pureminds suggestion and tried using the universal 3rd party driver but that was a 32 bit only driver. My iphone sync'ed first time and have had no problems but this HTC is looks nice but for ease of use it is pants! Anyone any suggestions?
  25. luluve

    luluve New Member

    I just installed htcSync and if I connect my phone to the pc it searches htcSync and finds it but if I open HtcSync now it opens en closes immediately :confused:
    how is it possible :eek:
    what do I have to do??

    help??? :eek:

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