Htc sync/ rooting issues help please!!!

  1. beachbride25

    beachbride25 New Member

    This phone (HTC Wildfire for Metro PCS) makes me want to scream and it's only been like a week. The internal memory is beyond horrible and every solution I have seen says I need to root the phone or try the sticky note to push all apps to sd. I'd like to just root it bc these pre-installed junk apps are annoying. Problem is HTC Sync. I keep downloading it and it opens up in another language! I have no idea what it's saying. I'm pretty sure it's saying select language but I don't even know what language it's in to translate which one is English. No other computer programs have done this. Any ideas???? I really need this fixed. I have 3 apps stored on my phone and I frequently can't even open my gallery without first clearing all my data and caches first.

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

  3. Caro332

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    If you consider rooting (Which I strongly advise), have a look at this guide:
    It is really the best guide I've seen around here and it will save you a lot of trouble. If you read the instructions carefully, you shouldn't have any problem at all
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  4. senthamil

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    Hi Beachbride,
    Like you, I screamed but after a few months. Then rooted (as Caro said above) my phone and got solved everything.

    It's the only way (also the feat) for the HTC Wild Fire S to get rid all.

    Root the device and install many more apps (on SD Card by 'Link2sd') and face no more internal memory problems!!...

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