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  1. Nikke

    Nikke New Member

    I've just bought myself a HTC Magic three days ago and it really is a great phone - however I'm standing a situation that is a bit of a downside of the phone - I can't install HTC Sync on my computer, or rather I can install it, but during the install an error message shows up, saying something about a missing file called xp_x86, when I hit ok on the error message the installation continues and finishes and HTC Sync is installed on my computer. But then when i push HTC Sync on my Magic it searches for the program but doesn't find anything and gives me a link to download a setup.
    P.s. the setup I've used is the one located on the SD Card on the phone.

    Thanks for your help! :)

  2. MyWifeCar

    MyWifeCar New Member

    I just bought mine too and having almost the similar problem with my phone. I have managed to install HTC Sync onto my XP, but everytime when I try to sync, it failed.

    But my phone doesn't have a HTC Sync installed like yours... Do i have to install it first? Where can i get it?

  3. xiutian

    xiutian Active Member

    Try downloading the HTC Sync PC software from here and install again. Hope it helps!
  4. xiutian

    xiutian Active Member

    Someone on the xda forum extracted the application from the phone. Can be found here
  5. MyWifeCar

    MyWifeCar New Member

    734 KB/s (23496 bytes in 0.031s)
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/sync.apk

    1080 KB/s (190080 bytes in 0.171s)
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/pcsii.apk

    Already tried. Still whenever I try to sync, it says : Syncronisation could not be started.

    Do i need to run some application from my Magic??

  6. cwaltherp22

    cwaltherp22 Member

    I cannot install my htc sync in windows xp. i get the error 1713. Can somebody help me. thanks
  7. Jubaka

    Jubaka New Member

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