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HTC SyncSupport

  1. Jaymie1989

    Jaymie1989 Active Member


    I'm trying to connect my phone to the PC for HTC Sync.

    I open the HTC Sync on the PC and then plug in the USB into my phone and select the Sync option but a message comes up on my phone saying cannot find HTC Sync, Make sure its open.

    I'm having issues with this. Could anyone shine a light on this?

  2. dommy1

    dommy1 New Member

    I had this problem yesterday: allow USB debugging (see HTC support on website) and restart PC and phone then retry - worked for me!
  3. dermotomahony

    dermotomahony New Member

    HTC Desire PC Sync issues.
    PC & Desire connect when Sync initiated from either the phone or desktop icon. PC Sync will display my phone setting and information but it will not sync. The Sync button in Green in the top right hand corner of the Sync program does not respond to mouse click.
    Have installed HTC Sync 3.0, uninstalled, reinstalled it - from the HTC website, removed other old mobile applications ie Nokia. I have changed the USB ports etc etc. It has worked once, when I first installed the software and not since then. Also I have USB debugging activated and the phone defaulted connection type: HTC SYNC.
    Help please as this issue has been active now since I got the Desire 3 weeks ago.
    Thanks :)
  4. Richard G

    Richard G New Member

    Like others have installed latest version of HTC Sync 3.0 on my PC yet my HTC Wildfire says it can't find it!
    Tried all the usual things like uninstalling, re booting etc etc but still nothing.

    Anyone know if there is a problem with HTC 3.0 / Driver - Other people are reporting this issue yet HTC do not seem to come up with anything?[​IMG]

    Great Phone just a shame the software / PC Sync is poor


    Richard G

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