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HTC Synch for Windows 7General

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  1. SirBuckley

    SirBuckley Member

    I find it most annoying that HTC is yet to come out with a version of Synch that will work with Windows 7. I know there is a work around out there, but I have no desire to go through all that. I used the trial version of CompanionLink to Synch my Outlook to Google so I could get my phone dloaded. This really is a deal breaker for me, I will rid myself of this device if I cannot synch it with my Outlook.

  2. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

    Yeah...that really is a PITA! Thank goodness I don't depend on Outlook because I couldn't give up my beloved Eris.
  3. xene97

    xene97 Well-Known Member

    Are you running Win7 32 or 64? I'm using 32-bit and having no troubles.
  4. Crondar

    Crondar Active Member

    It works with windows 7 64 bit, I'll show you how I got mine to work.

    First off follow this link to get the 64 bit (or 32 bit drivers) for the eris and windows 7.

    1. Workaround for HTC Hero Sync Problem in Windows 7 My Digital Life unpack this file somewhere in a temp folder or something where you know where it is.

    2. if you have installed the HTC sync package, uninstall it for now.

    3. go to settings>applications>development and switch on USB debugging, then plug your Eris up to your computer.

    4. Go into your device manager and you'll see an ! ADP device or something like that, right click that and click install driver then navigate to your folder where you unpacked the driver and install it. the error in device manager should go away and you should now have a new device setting in device manager called "android USB device, open that and it should say something like "my HTC". You now have the correct drivers set up.

    5. Download the HTC sync program and save it somewhere. Right click it and set compatibility to Vista SP2. after you do that right click and select install (or run, i forget) as administrator. You will get some error messages, "ok" through them and the actual program will install (the error message pertain to the program trying to install it's on drivers. i think i remember). In any case the HTC should now see the phone and you can setup what you would like to sync and start syncing your phone.

    I will try to find the other URL that explains this as well, but it works for me now. This is actually a work around for the HTC Hero, but it works just the same for the Eris.

    PS first time post, couple months of lurking, hope it works for you :)
  5. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

    Crondar..thanks a bunch! I tried doing the workaround and had no luck with it but you have added instructions that I've not seen. I'll give it a try and report back on how it worked for me. Great first post!
  6. Solitary

    Solitary Well-Known Member

    Im glad at least someone used the link I posted here several weeks back =)

    P.S. You dont need to do any compatibility..It should work fine after you install Hero drivers.
  7. Crondar

    Crondar Active Member

    I wasn't aware of that, I just followed some instructions that I found, perhaps it was a link you posted here, lol perhaps not, i'm not sure, but it worked for me, thanks for the tip on not having to set the "compatibility mode" it was just in some of the instructions i Googled and went by.
  8. Solitary

    Solitary Well-Known Member

    Oh no problem. When I was updating my phone manually i just followed that same link and did not use any compatibility and it worked fine. Glad either way worked for you =)
  9. bdencer

    bdencer New Member

    Hi. I'm Brenda and have a Droid Incredible that I really like.
    I'm having a hard time persuading the phone to synch with my Outlook.
    I didn't have any problems until just recently. Nothing changed on the
    computer, so I'mlooking for tips.

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