HTC Tattoo - No Alarm quiet

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  1. lisaphotog1

    lisaphotog1 New Member

    I have an HTC Tattoo - have had it since February and love it. The last 2 days the alarm has gone off, but there has been no sound, or vibrate when it does. The screen just lights up and looks as though the alarm is going off. Luckily i always wake up before my alarm goes off, but this is very frustrating as I don't want to sleep late and end up being late for work. Any one else having this problem?

  2. haree

    haree Active Member

    i also have the same problem if u unchek and chek the alarm it seems to work this problem happens once in 2 days for me and i do the above any solutions for the same :confused:
  3. skogsnallen

    skogsnallen New Member

    I have quite the same problem, i hear the alarm/sms when volume is on, but in vibrate mode it doesn't vibrate. I have checked all settings, and they say that vibrate is on, but it isn't....
  4. stuart121972

    stuart121972 Active Member

    Your not on Orange and have updated you ROM by any chance?

    I am and since updating my ROM with the new release my Tattoo only rings once and alarm tone only makes one noise then just carrys on vibrating.
  5. skogsnallen

    skogsnallen New Member

    I'm not on Orange...

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