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HTC Thunderbolt Locked. Hello BionicGeneral

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  1. Agrajag

    Agrajag Well-Known Member

    Well, with news that HTC has locked the Thunderbolt down (thought it appears crackable) I see little reason not to move away from it and to the Bionic.

    The Bionic's only negative I cared about against the Thunderbolt was the locked status of the Bionic. If they're equal (and now news that perhaps the Bionic is no more or less secure than the TB) then why not go for the phone with a bigger better, less battery drain, dual core, etc? Now if they'd just get the phone out.

  2. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    Link to news it has a locked boot loader?
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  3. Agrajag

    Agrajag Well-Known Member

    Dude, just Google "thunderbolt locked boot". It's all over the place now.
  4. Stevessvt

    Stevessvt Well-Known Member

  5. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    I've heard that HTC has been toying with the idea, but no word that the TB was. As a matter of fact, it was rooted the day it released. I don't know if root has been made public yet as they were trying to find an easier way beforehand, but I don't think there's very much of an issue with the TB.
  6. Agrajag

    Agrajag Well-Known Member

    First, rooting and locked ROM's aren't the same thing. You can root many locked phones. See the Droid X for example.

    Second, the facts seem pretty clear. The Thunderbolt has locked ROM's and then some. However, they've been unlocked though the process is NOT simple to do so. I jump through enough hoops already just maintaining an alternative ROM setup. I don't need a phone adding more to the equation. Thanks, but no thanks. If the phone were flawless outside this, hey, maybe. But it's not so I'm no longer interested. The Bionic seems like the right solution for the patient users out there.
  7. Stevessvt

    Stevessvt Well-Known Member

    Its been out for exactly 4 days. I doubt even the Evo had custom ROMs and kernals in 4 days. It will be done probably sometime in the near future.
  8. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    Well, since the bootloader has been unlocked, it is only a matter of time before there is a once click method or something really easy to do.
  9. Agrajag

    Agrajag Well-Known Member

    I buy NOTHING based on what MIGHT happen. Again, the big plus of HTC phones was that they were playing ball with totally open phones. The fact is that this is no longer the case.

    Now the process will be a bit more complex if possible at all. How complex is yet to be seen but the fact remains that many were looking at HTC simply because it meant a painless way to experience different ROM's, etc.
  10. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    And you are expecting the Droid Bionic to be any better than the TB in terms of unlocked/unencrypted booloaders? Please, this is Motorola we are talking about.
  11. Agrajag

    Agrajag Well-Known Member

    I have to wonder if some people speak English here. NO. I do NOT expect the Bionic to be any better than the Thunderbolt in regard to this issue. THAT'S THE POINT!!!!

    I DID expect the TB to be better than the Bionic at this and, now that it very well may not be, that's one huge benefit gone for the TB which already has a long list of other issues against it.

    BTW, I'm far from alone in this view if you care to Google.
  12. golfbiz

    golfbiz Well-Known Member

    Have a friend that has a TB, took him 30 minutes to root it and flash a new rom.....it is not locked

    BTW...the 4g speed is outrageous and pretty sweet with the custom rom, but jury still out on the battery life...
  13. Agrajag

    Agrajag Well-Known Member

    My boss has a TB as well. The speed is amazing and the battery is the other major concern.

    Did he get Cyanogen running on it?
  14. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    You can root and install roms on phones with locked bootloaders. For example, the Droid X. What you can't do is install Roms with newer versions of the OS than have been officially released for that phone or install new kernals. The TB might not be locked, but rooting and roms have nothing to do with it.
  15. golfbiz

    golfbiz Well-Known Member

    He also installed new kernal with his TB, waiting on CM7, deleted all his bloatware, his bootloader is unlocked and he seems pretty excited about trying some of the stuff already being worked on, hopefully they will get a rom to improve the battery life as that is a deal killer with me as I just updated my droid eris to xtrsense 5.0 with new kernal, still love the sense experience, I would love to have the speed of 4g but otherwise I'm fine with overclocking for my wireless tethering...
  16. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    You can still flash ROMs, just not ones that have their own custom kernels built into them. And from what I understood from DX owners, they have 2.3 ROMs out. I dunno, I haven't been over to they're thread at all, I'm getting most of that from what I've heard from them in this forum.
  17. SirKronan

    SirKronan Well-Known Member

    I think a locked bootloader is not the same as an encrypted one ... Most bootloaders are locked nowadays. I believe even the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy S phones was locked. It just happened to be a super-wimpy-pansy lock.
  18. Bearly

    Bearly Well-Known Member

    The jury can't call in with a verdict because they're using a TB that ran out of juice before lunch time.
  19. SirKronan

    SirKronan Well-Known Member

    Are you basing this on personal experience. If so, that's not a good sign ...
  20. golfbiz

    golfbiz Well-Known Member

    LOL....yeah my friend gets maybe 6 hours max right now using 4g...so my question is 4g the main culprit or the HTC battery or both? I know people expect a lot from these smart phones as I would be happy for 10 to 12 hours making it through the day. I have my phone hooked up at work, car, phone which it makes it no big deal, but leaving outside for the day would require a lot of management....as a result have to pass for now on the TB and will take a look at the Bionic when it hits...
  21. Agrajag

    Agrajag Well-Known Member

    The boss here with his is acting like it's not a big deal on his TB as he's always plugging in wherever he goes. Easy for him. He's not the one that travels and I'm not the type to be plugged in at every opportunity. I need a phone that can at least get through a single day.
  22. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Well-Known Member


    I got a chance to play with a ThunderBolt at the corporate store and I recommend everyone go out and check it.

    I ran Quadrant on it and it comes out around 1600-1700 most runs on two separate phones, most likely all in the CPU department since graphics was about the same FPS as my OG Droid (still better obviously).

    But overall I cannot help but ask "so what?", the phone is MUCH snappier, I am not going to lie, it is about twice as fast to pickup and shoot into a program and load the program before my OG Droid is, but that is NOT worth 319 for me...

    I mean come on, if I am dropping $300 I expect it to be damn nice upgrade compared to what I am using (you can blame Root for the fact my OG Droid gets 1150 Quadrant, which is apparently about 4-5x faster than it was when I first bought it)...

    I want a Dual Core phone because I want something that has NEW tech, not just a snappier response time, and the dual core should also improve battery.

    And the battery makes me gun shy on the TBolt.
  23. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    When we first got 2.2 on the rooted Droids, many of us were getting similar Quadrant scores with our Droids. I've personally gotten in the 1660s OCed to 1.1GHz (for some reason my Droid was stable at 1.2GHz, but would never run Quadrant at that speed). Others got into the 1700s at 1.2 (some claimed they could get 1800 with 1.3GHz OC, but those guys were very rare). For anyone that's wondering, I was on Liquid Froyo 1.7 at the time, using Slayer's 1.2GHz kernel.
  24. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Yeah the Devs are saying the Thunderbolt was the toughest HTC phone to unlock, but it is unlocked. So the Thunderbolt has a huge Dev following now, and the phone will have a lot of roms out shortly. MIUI and CM7 are already being worked on.

    If the Bionic's bootloader wasn't encrypted then I am sure it would have a huge Dev following as well. But I bet a lot will stay away because of the Milestone and Droid X,2. Really a shame that it is encrypted though.
  25. SirKronan

    SirKronan Well-Known Member

    Yep. Always a disappointment. Locking it doesn't really do anything to serve Motorola. I mean, rooting and modding will get around bloat and DRM stuff anyways. The only thing they are doing by encrypting the bootloader is turning off hardcore enthusiast users, devs, and modders from purchasing the device. I don't see how this "protects" their common end user one bit. I mean the average user that is not going to root is also not going to give a rat's buttoot whether it has an encrypted bootloader or not.

    The original droid sold so well, did so well, and is pleasing the living crap out of so many. Stock users loved it. Rooters and modders loved it. All Motorola is doing is pushing away some of that love.

    With the iPhone on Verizon, I would think Android phone manufacturers, especially Motorola with their largest customer base on Verizon, would do ANYTHING in their power to attract MORE customers, not less.

    Oh well. The Bionic's screen is going to suck anyways if it's just a larger version of the Atrix. In fact, it will just suck even more than the Atrix by making the pentile effect more pronounced and the screen less sharp.

    The combination of those factors and others actually makes me want the Stealth or Revolution even more, despite the fact that they are single core. At least they will have fantastic screens, like the Thunderbolt.

    qHD would be great if it didn't suck at color reproduction and viewing angles. The screen on the TB, even though less resolution, is much nicer on the eyes. I did quite a bit of comparing, even in sun.

    TB users, the only regrets to buying the TB over the Bionic are HDMI out, battery life, and possibly the lack of dual core.

    Although I must tell you that on the Atrix - at least the one I tested - that the qHD seems to make some apps/games lag a bit more than they should on a dual core tegra. And in addition, scrolling through things such as homescreens and the app drawer actually seemed smoother on the TB than on the Atrix. It shouldn't be that way, and the Atrix wasn't bad, the TB just felt smoother at some things. And I did not expect it to be this way.

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