HTC Thunderbolt stuck on HTC Screen

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    Sep 27, 2012
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    I need help!! I have a rooted HTC Thunderbolt. Yesterday I downloaded the Font Installer app on my phone, and attemped to change the font.. Bad idea. Upon rebooting, my phone will only go to th HTC white screen. When I plug it in to charge or I plug it into the computer, it goes straight to ClockworkMod Recovery, but after trying multiple ways of fixing I can't seem to find a way that works! I've tried basically every option. I'm desperate! :confused:

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    Aug 9, 2010
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    Hi HLC, and welcome to AF,

    I guess you don't have a nandroid backup (a backup made from recovery)? If you have then restore that.

    I fear that the font app has messed something up in the system, in which case things like a factory reset won't help. If you were running a custom ROM, just reflash that (without a wipe) and it will undo any damage to /system.

    Otherwise, if we knew precisely what this app had broken we might be able to fix it using adb. But most likely the simplest fix is a new ROM (or reflash to stock and root again). Most likely you'll lose data (unless you've already tried a factory reset, in which case there is nothing left to lose). I don't know the TB so can't suggest ROMs (or RUUs if you want to take the second option) but someone here should be able to help there.
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    Jul 25, 2010
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    if the recovery restore or rom flash fails,then youll prolly need to run an ruu.

    assuming your are s-off,you can use this file:

    rename PG05IMG and flash it in hboot.

    it is not an official,signed file,as its missing the hboot. using this file will preserve your s-off in the event that you rooted the old way,and have the old,overwriteable eng 1.04.2000 hboot.

    if you rooted with revolutionary,hboot is protecting itself from overwrite,so you can run literally any ruu that you wish :)
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