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  1. bertles86

    bertles86 Member

    Hi folks,

    So I just got an "HTC Touch G2" from eBay and when I get it I want to:

    (a) Unlock it to all UK networks
    (b) Root/Flash with latest Froyo (Gingerbread possible?) ROM
    (c) Replace the broken screen

    Will rooting/flashing it remove the network lock?

    Which is fastest/latest ROM for this model?

    Is the Touch G2 from T-Mobile aka the HTC Hero GSM?

    eBay Link

    Will this screen fit the model?

    I really appreciate any help at all!

  2. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    The HTC G2 Touch is indeed the HTC Hero GSM :)
  3. bertles86

    bertles86 Member

    Cool thanks, so that new screen would fit would it?

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